Recommended Reading

Hello lovely readers! (and you are very lovely!) I thought that it would be fun to introduce a Recommended Reading feature.

As Ananda said in our introduction, we have come together in our mutual interest and study of the planetary positions and the apparent effect on us to create this blog where we can explore these avenues. We are not professional astrologers and we don’t profess to know everything there is to know about astrology. However, we do seek to learn and we invite you to keep an open mind (as we do) and to ascertain for yourselves what understanding you may gain from the study of the planets, the zodiac, and the insight we have attained from our ancestors.

So that being said, there’s a great deal to learn from books!

Just to start us off, I would like to mention a couple of introductory books that have helped me understand the technique and lingo of astrology and ancient astronomy. I want to emphasis mention for this first one because I’m certain most people have heard of it: Parker’s Astrology

…and I mention it because it was the essential to my first interest in astrology as a child. The edition I had included marvelous pictures. Although I didn’t understand all of the technicals when I was young, it no doubt began my lifelong facination with the question of whether or not this seeming nonsense indicates any sort of direction in our lives.

The second book is a more recent discovery and a joy to read: Painless Astrology by Rev. Paul Beyerl.

The book delivers just what it promises: a simple (and technically painless) beginning look at astrology and how to read a natal chart. There is a lot of jargon involved in understanding astrology, and Rev. Beyerl makes it easy to learn these words in relation to effecting result. If you’ve ever stumbled over the Houses or the Aspects, this book is for you.

I also want to let you know that we welcome reader recommendations of books on the subject of astrology, astronomy, history of ancients, gods, goddesses, you name it! So please leave a comment or contact us with your favorite books (or even books to avoid) because we appreciate the tips!


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