This site was born out of a late-night email conversation between two friends on the day of the inauguration of Barack Obama. We are two women, approaching (but not too quickly) our Saturn returns, trying to make sense of life and love, and have found astrology – more specifically, the examination of our own and others’ natal charts, and keeping an eye on the “astro-weather” – to be an empowering, natural way of making sense of our worlds. Separated by hundreds of miles but united in a curiosity towards the poorly understood parts of the natural world, we are launching this blog to be a place we can talk about current events, astrological and otherwise, and try to make some sense of the world, using the rhythms of the planets’ orbits.

If you don’t agree with us, think we’re stupid for “believing” in astrology, or are here to harass us for our views, please just click this link and have a nice day. If you’re like us, looking for a way to explain world events and individual relationships and interested in learning more about the ancient body of knowledge embodied by astrology, welcome – we look forward to hearing from you.

Topics we’d like to cover in the near to not-so-near future include the inauguration of Barack Obama and the Saturn-Uranus opposition, upcoming and recent aspects of the Sun to Jupiter and Neptune, the cycle of Mercury, and of course, plenty about Venus, including its upcoming retrograde period.

Note: All times are presented here as PST or PDT, unless otherwise specified.


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