Mercury Shifts Out of Reverse

At 11:10 PM last night, Mercury officially ended its retrograde cycle and resumed forward movement. Since January 11, we have been under the influence of retrograde Mercury – an influence that gets a bad rap, but is not necessarily as bad as it’s cracked up to be. Under retrograde Mercury, according to conventional wisdom, communication is difficult, and miscommunications can confuse plans and cause delays. In true Mercury retrograde fashion, this blog was conceived and plans were laid during the retrograde period, but we did not manage to get it up and running until last night, as Mercury hit its direct station. Schedule troubles, delays, miscommunications, confusion… sounds horrible, right? And it seems that so many of us have come to dread Mercury’s retrograde periods. However, Marguerite Manning argues in this article at Llewellyn Journal that we should all savor these times, because miscommunications are often serendipitous and surprises can lead to unanticipated transformations and new, better outcomes.

I tend to agree with her on the idea that we should savor, not dread, Mercury’s reverses – but maybe that’s just because I was born with Mercury retrograde, and tend to find it stimulating. My artistic and intellectual output, for instance, increases dramatically during Mercury retrograde, especially toward the first half (before the Sun-Mercury conjunction and Mercury’s perigee). Sometimes it is writing, sometimes it’s visual art, but it always starts streaming out of me when Mercury hits its retrograde station. I actually look forward to Mercury retrograde – I feel like it’s a time when I am on par with others or even better able to communicate, instead of being a bit more reticent and reluctant to communicate, as I usually am given my natal Mercury placement (as well as many other factors in my natal chart).

Her point about Mercury retrograde being a time to uncover lost or forgotten information is also an interesting one, that we should probably consider in the future. However, if you’re one of the other 99% of people who dislike Mercury retrograde and hate the confusion it causes, take a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief, because Mercury has moved back into forward motion.


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