Venus in Aries

Venus entered Aries a couple of hours ago, where it will stay until the 11th of April, when it backs up into Pisces for a few days before turning direct on the 17th, and again entering Aries on the 24th, where it will stay until the 6th of June, when it enters its home sign of Taurus. Wow, that’s a long time – from now until the beginning of June, with a break of only six days!

What can we expect from Venus in Aries? Well, we can look at the characteristics of this cardinal fire sign – the first sign of the zodiac, the “Me first!” sign, and then apply them to the areas that Venus rules. Impulsive, fiery, pioneering and indomitable are a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Aries. Does this mean we’ll be having passionate and impulsive relationships for the next several months? I can think of worse things! On the other hand, Aries is ruled by Mars, and Mars and Venus are not just cosmic lovers but also powerful, opposing forces – the male and the female of human sexuality and power. Does Venus in Aries tame Mars, or is she overcome by him?

And what will her retrograde period bring? My last experience with Venus retrograde, which occurred in the late summer of 2007, brought about many interesting events and encounters that shall not be enumerated here. Suffice it to say, it was a time of personal growth and learning, especially in the arena of relationships and sex.

We still have a few weeks to go before Venus shifts into reverse – and I know I am enjoying her presence as the Evening Star these days. By far the brightest thing in the night sky (besides the moon, duh), Venus has been setting about 3 hours behind the Sun, so you can find her in the western sky starting around sunset. Evidently, she’s even bright enough to see during the say, as long as you know exactly where to look.

Oh – there’s also a Grand Earth Trine this evening, formed between Saturn, Mercury and the Moon. It’s at its most exact between 2:30 and 4:40 AM tomorrow morning, but will have a lingering influence into tomorrow. The Moon exits Taurus at 6:15 PM tomorrow, though, so if you have any projects to get underway, this aspect pattern is unbeatable – take advantage!


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  1. […] Venus is venturing into more fiery territory in Aries, while Mercury is effectively void in Capricorn. This puts the emotional pleasure and communication centers in positions that will encourage impulsive emotional response without much thought to the long term plan. (see Ananda’s post on Venus in Aries) […]

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