A February Lunar Return

Tomorrow I will experience my lunar return. A lunar return is when the moon makes it’s monthly cycle back to the exact position it was at when you were born. For me, that position is in the midst of Gemini.

A lunar return can provide a snapshot of the planetary influence over your emotions for this month’s moon cycle. This is well and good, but there are a lot of complex details to take into account.

Most of the outlying (personally exterior) planets won’t be moving much during the month following your lunar return. Where they are positioned will give you a good idea of how things will stay for the cycle, and it’s good to note which houses are hosting which planets. These houses and planets will set the stage of environmental impact you may be experience. What sort of emotional energy seems to surround you?

As for Mars, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun, their month-long transits will play a bigger role in your inner emotional energy. Although the moon is the strongest immediate influence at this juncture, it will be more or less affected by these planets who will either want to play along, or test the moon’s mettle.

For instance, a lunar return in Gemini this month has some interesting trine-action between Saturn and the big party that’s going on in Aquarius right now. A lot of major planets are hanging out in the breadth of this fixed air sign. The Sun is conjunct Neptune (the imagination planet – as I like to refer to it) to add to the creative influence of Aquarius. So the core ego-emotional responses are in a bit of a dreamy haze. Not to forget the extroverted energy of Gemini. (Maybe I should have tried out for a play this month)

Venus is venturing into more fiery territory in Aries, while Mercury is effectively void in Capricorn. This puts the emotional pleasure and communication centers in positions that will encourage impulsive emotional response without much thought to the long term plan. (see Ananda’s post on Venus in Aries)

That’s pretty much the story of my February lunar return (if you weren’t going to bring the moon into account!) But what about the moon? She has more than one cycle that affects me!

The Snow Moon is waxing at about 75% of full and will reach full moon (for us on the Pacific Coast) on Sunday night/early Monday morning. I like to think of the day before and the day after the full moon as a period of “full moonness” as well.

For women, it can be incredibly fulfilling to keep track of the moon phases and your menstrual cycle. When you find your rhythm, you may even notice periods of very vivid dreaming. If anything it can bring a sense of peace and a bit of bodily knowledge that can have a very positive psychological effect on the aches and pains of menses. When you have a lunar return, where has it landed in regards to your cycle? Food for thought!


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