Saturn vs. Uranus

Jeff Jawer has a new blog up at with his take on the current Saturn-Uranus opposition. I don’t really feel like I can add anything substantive to what he has said, having only been studying astrology for the past 2 years or so – no time at all in the context of the slow pace of the Saturn-Uranus cycle. However, I think that his advice regarding taking stock of Saturn and Uranus within your own life, rather than just within society as a whole, is good advice…

We’ve now passed the second of five direct oppositions between the two slow-moving giants, with three more to come, in September, April and July. lara owen has a great post from just before the Election describing the influence of this opposition on society as a whole, looking back to the last two times it happened, in 1918-20 and 1965-67. Short version: Big changes to the status quo, restructuring of power and wealth, and not just a few casualties. I’d say that it’s a pretty safe bet that we’re quite likely to see some dramatic differences in our own lives as well as worldwide by the time July 2010 comes around.


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