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Sun Conjunct Venus in Retrograde

Posted in Retrograde Station, Sun, Venus on 03/23/2009 by nemain nyx

there are a few planetary transits right now that sort of give me the willies. mostly because we are really heading toward that very strong mars/saturn in retrograde opposition (anyone feeling it yet?).

– the sun is in a moderate conjunct with venus in retrograde; though this conjunct will grow stronger by the end of the week, it’s a lesser conjunct and i mean lesser in the sense of “id”-type. more base, more impulsive.
– 3 planets are void in either air or water signs, indicating emotional and intellectual energy.
– the moon is in a strong conjunct with neptune, but is void in aquarius. i see this as a tendency toward flights of fancy or operating false assumptions (either intentionally or unintentionally).

the conglomeration of planets in the 7th, 8th, and 9th houses places the most powerful emphasis on relationships. with venus in retrograde and mercury void in its detriment of pisces, it could disable our ability to cope with issues of relations the way that we normally would.


Stalls, Squaring, and Static as the Sun Enters Aries

Posted in Aries, Mercury, Pisces, Uranus, Venus on 03/20/2009 by nemain nyx

right now (i’m hailing from the west coast) we have a lot of transits that lend themselves to awkward energy. both the sun and venus are squaring pluto, the planet of change and transition. some might find it more difficult to come to terms with a challenge to their personal status quo during this transit, whereas they might otherwise be aided by mercury’s perceptive position in pisces. this conjunct with uranus (as it sits void in pisces) might cause some static what normally would be a seemingly prescient clarity. today might not be a good day to expect evaluations to go too smoothly. we’re also moving towards a mars/saturn opposition in the coming weeks that could bring any misunderstandings born of these energies to a head.

it’s probably best to recognize the potential for confusion or self-denial that could come of these transits and make a mental note of what sort of sensitivities are revealed. this could come in handy when mercury enters aries with more decisive power.

Venus in Retrograde

Posted in Retrograde Station, Venus on 03/07/2009 by nemain nyx

cold weather has returned to my town with sleet and hail and snow and rain (pretty much the works is going on outside at this very moment). there’s a folk belief that being cold leads to bad dreams. i don’t necessarily believe this, but i do believe that certain planets can cause havoc: the moon and venus. perhaps it’s their proximity to us that gives them a deeper effect to our internal energy than the other planets, but whenever something is going on with those two it seems to manifest itself in my dreams.

last night i had a dream about an ex-boyfriend from years and years and years ago that left me feeling very tense and angry. we didn’t exactly part on good terms, and every now and then that comes back to haunt me. usually when that happens i’m tempted to get some resolve or have a last word (i know where to find the guy) but thankfully another part of me remembers that doing that is a terrible idea.

besides being so totally not worth it, there’s clearly a lesson here that venus is trying to bring to my attention.

venus is retrograde in aries, so like my tendancy (and many others i know) she’s stalled in a sign that normally exudes passion and explosive energy (fun, very very tempting in an “i-just-can’t-leave-you-we-have-such-great-sexual-chemistry-but-we-constantly-fight” sort of way). it’s time to explore this issue.

it may not necessarily show up in our personal life, but this is a time when it’s quite possible that our passions (or in whatever way we’re finding some personal indulgence) could cause us some trouble, kind of like how my insecurities about my past relationship are coming back to bother me now.

however, bringing these troubles to the forefront will to some effect do a little spring cleaning of the heart chakra and yes, possibly cause some ills, but change and discovery often does.

from now until direct station in mid-april, use this time to reveal how venus in retrograde is working in your life (for or seemingly against!).