Stalls, Squaring, and Static as the Sun Enters Aries

right now (i’m hailing from the west coast) we have a lot of transits that lend themselves to awkward energy. both the sun and venus are squaring pluto, the planet of change and transition. some might find it more difficult to come to terms with a challenge to their personal status quo during this transit, whereas they might otherwise be aided by mercury’s perceptive position in pisces. this conjunct with uranus (as it sits void in pisces) might cause some static what normally would be a seemingly prescient clarity. today might not be a good day to expect evaluations to go too smoothly. we’re also moving towards a mars/saturn opposition in the coming weeks that could bring any misunderstandings born of these energies to a head.

it’s probably best to recognize the potential for confusion or self-denial that could come of these transits and make a mental note of what sort of sensitivities are revealed. this could come in handy when mercury enters aries with more decisive power.


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