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Random Thoughts

Posted in Mercury, Retrograde Station, Taurus, Venus on 04/27/2009 by ananda silvermoon

I caught a glimpse of Mercury for the first time ever last night, as I was driving west just after sunset. The brand new fingernail of a moon provided a great reference point. If it’s clear where you live, I highly recommend trying to find it in the next few days. Look about 30 minutes after sunset, between the moon and where the sun set. Seeing planets helps to understand them, I think. Sometimes it is tough, but when you get a chance, it is highly recommended.

Mercury is now in its echo phase (Eric Francis-speak for its retrograde zone), getting ready to turn around next week. Readers who have been around from the beginning will recall that I really enjoy – if that’s the right word – Mercury retrograde. Which means this blog has lived through its first Mercury cycle!

I will never tell you to “watch out” under Mercury retrograde. I think of it not as a time when things go haywire (as many people do), but rather a time of pause, of internal reflection in Mercury-related areas, and a chance to revisit. Coming fresh off an intense Venus cycle, this is just going to draw out the energy of Venus’ second echo phase through early Aries, and it is slowing down right now, heavy and void in the last degrees of Aries, forming smooth minor aspects to the action in late Aquarius (the upcoming Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron triple conjunction), as well as picking up Uranus in late Pisces. The Mars-Pluto square is easing, so hopefully all the negative energy that’s been floating around will start to dissipate.

Expect communications to take their time in coming this week. Avoid hasty decisions, too; allow your mind to operate in Taurean time, arriving at the best possible decision in no rush. Mercury is in Venus’ turf here, as well as getting ready to travel to the Underworld (also known as morning) to tell her something. Meditate on this tonight: what is the message he is carrying her? Who is it from? If you had an audience with Venus, what would you say to her? Curses or thanks? Maybe a little of both? I know I would have some of both to say myself.

And now, I am going to end this to go commune with planets, and then descend to the underworld myself – at least through sleep. Didn’t get much of that this weekend, as I spent too much time as one of my favorite alter-egos, the competitive athlete. Mars fully approved.



The Dark Moon in Aries/Taurus

Posted in Aquarius, Aries, Jupiter, Luna, Neptune, Taurus on 04/23/2009 by nemain nyx

Some new moons are easier for me than others. This week has proven to be significantly more mellow and reassuring than I’ve had in a while.

As we head into this next lunation, I am definitely feeling the spiritual strength of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunct with a decisive confidence influence of Aries.

The Moon isn’t particularly jazzed about Aries, as the intensity tends to send the Ram frantically searching for a new direction. When emotions drive Aries, things can be impulsive for good or ill.

But, for a Scorpio who loves & appreciates the stability of my opposing sign, I’m finding my balance. The Sun is trine Saturn/Pluto in 4 degrees Taurus. Whether it’s a relief from the tension of the changing seasons or finding a refreshing new start in my workplace, I’m in a whole new mindset and ready to take on the spring.

Sun Into Taurus

Posted in Mars, Saturn, Sun, Taurus, Wheel of the Year on 04/18/2009 by ananda silvermoon

But first, a harmonious series of semi-sextiles and conjunctions in the spring signs. Venus, Mars and Uranus line up in the last degrees of Pisces, and Jupiter and Chiron come closer to Neptune. The moon joins them in the late degrees of Aquarius overnight and into tomorrow, as the sun spends its last hours in Aries. The Mercury-Saturn trine is lingering as well; these two being the only planets above the horizon after sunset are elevated to rulers of the evening. The Pisces energy from Venus, Mars and Uranus suggests a strong erotic energy; the Mercury-Saturn rulership of the evening suggests that it will be channeled through communication and not without some reference to authority, even if it is a radical act of sticking it to the Man. A dear friend of mine, for example, is set to perform in a fashion show event at a sex-positive community center event tonight. Radical, erotic and certainly making a statement.

In more personal news, my natal Mars conjunctions are continuing to pay off; another successful competition today and a final culmination next weekend, when Jupiter exactly crosses my natal Mars. Realized this evening that this is signaling a new beginning for me: the (re?)birth of myself, the athlete. The conjunction wanes, but then there is the semisextile, the sextile, the square…

I have been reading Aspects in Astrology by Sue Tompkins, and I have to say it has been pretty useful so far. More to come on this subject, undoubtedly, but now is not the time. Now: meditate and absorb this harmonic amplification of the late Aries sun, as the moon sextiles in Aquarius. Thinking about the role of the individual – the self, Aries – in the context of society – the collective, Aquarius. But also intuitively feeling it, and flowing with the currents, thanks to the anchor in Pisces. Have a good night, and if you’re in the Northwest, enjoy a gorgeous day of Spring tomorrow! Frisbee and ice cream may be in order.

Venus Direct – Sigh of Relief

Posted in Venus on 04/16/2009 by ananda silvermoon

Tomorrow AM, Venus stations direct. Take a deep breath – breathe a sigh of relief – it is finally that time. time to integrate all we have learned over the last 6 weeks or so; time to think about what has changed and what will remain the same. Because as ever, most things will stay the same, at leastfor awhile. Constant incremental changes over time add up to powerful forces; a new generation is taking power, and it flows through us all. Uranus is slowly wearing Saturn down, and as Pluto drags through Capricorn, the status quo is going to be drastically reformed, little by little, bit by bit.

I spontaneously rearranged my room tonight. It happens every now and then; I get the urge and then the furniture starts moving. I wonder if other times I have done this Venus was at station, since Venus rules comfort and our surroundings, especially indoors and certainly in bedrooms.

So Venus is done moving backwards, and she starts to inch forward through the last degree of Pisces this week. This should be fun, especially with the coming Mars-Moon lineup with Venus. That will be a night for some sexy fun time for sure. 😉

Me, I’m separated from the one I think about most by a few hundred miles. It seems to be my cruel fate – I think my Venus-Saturn square has something to do with it – to find myself in long distance relationships. On the other hand, sometimes life is too busy for full-time partnership, or not feasible with the one you want. So we make do with a week here, a weekend there, and hope for a new day, someday, when we might be together more. Meanwhile, we enjoy the freedom of being ourselves without the constraints of relationship 90% of the time. Can’t complain too much, really; I am giddy in love with this one, and I get to stretch that feeling out as long as humanly possible. That is what I have learned during this retrograde phase.

Damn Venus. Making life hard, making life worth living.

Transits to My Natal Mars

Posted in Chiron, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune on 04/13/2009 by ananda silvermoon

nemain’s last post referred to some transits of her natal mars, so i figured i’d chime in with a little about some action that mine is getting right now as well.

mars’ position in my birth chart is at 23 degrees Aquarius. a quick glance at the current astro-weather, and you can see that Neptune has just passed it, and that Jupiter is getting ready to transit it – it will actually cross the point three times this year, twice direct and once in retrograde. this effect is going to be lingering all year, as the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction that will be exact later this year is happening *right* there.

jupiter transits to mars’ natal position is supposed to be an excellent opportunity for luck and hard work to combine to enable excellence in athletic and other active pursuits. without knowing that this was the effect of this transit, i have certainly kicked my athletic output up several notches in the last few months, and am currently enjoying my first season as a competitive collegiate athlete. (in the interest of anonymity, i’m not going to say any more than that.) let it be said, though, that i have never considered myself athletic, did not play sports in high school, and have just now, in my early late 20’s, started taking competition seriously, unearthing ambitions and dreams long buried.

i can’t seem to find much on the interwebs about chiron transits to natal mars – info on chiron in general is kinda sketchy, considering we’ve only known about it for about 30 years – but i have been reading about neptune and jupiter transits to the same, and it seems that the conjunction transit is generally extremely productive. transiting jupiter conjunct natal mars, as i alluded to in an earlier tweet, is supposed to be extremely auspicious for athletic pursuits, and it becomes exact on the day of a huge event – a championship. will i win it all? unlikely, given my current standing, but it could be a huge break for me, as well as for the rest of my team.

neptune transits to natal mars represent an awakening of a spiritual awareness, a change in how you process the world, and action taken in relation to this development. well, this one is obvious, given my fairly-recent (i.e. last few years) development of an interest in astrology, and now i am taking action on it, with this blog and in other areas of my life.

so, what will the gathering trifecta conjunct my natal mars bring? i’m hoping (obviously) that it will be auspicious and productive. it could even be transcendent, with Neptune in the mix, and in Aquarius… the planet of illusions and images, the sign of collective consciousness… well, you’ll find out as i find out.

Saturn, Mars, and Uranus: Dynamic Instability

Posted in Mars, Pisces, Retrograde Station, Saturn, Uranus, Virgo on 04/10/2009 by nemain nyx

right now uranus in pisces is trine my natal uranus within five degrees. with the current conjunction with mars, this represents a very jazzy sort of energy. i believe jazz is a great way to describe it: an unpredictable, driving force.

lately my muse has been sending me off in all directions, trying to find new and different ways to express myself and keep up the activity. for me this typically means many full evenings of classes and workshops. most of these activities have been monumentally good for my soul, but they do cost money. i feel like i’ve been running on a magic clock for some time now, and i’m just waiting for the time when it starts to catch up with me. how long can i keep up this crazy schedule? i’m making a technicolor dream quilt out of my monthly calendar.

this trine is aspected by the mars conjunct, but there’s another force in play: saturn in retrograde is coming back to transit my natal mars position, a re-visitation of of some of the effects of the previous saturn/natal mars transit i experienced last year.

the last time this transit occurred i kicked up the exercising and haven’t really let up since. i developed a very rigid willpower partially fed by a fear of slacking and sliding into to a sedentary lifestyle and “wasting” my remaining youth. it seems that saturn in virgo is preying on my already high scorpion personal standards.

so what might this second time through mean for me? with the position of uranus in pisces, the planet of change is represented by the most highly variable sign of the zodiac. while this whirlwind year has already gotten me in shape and out of the house, the centering force of my activity has been a desire to spend some time exploring my own needs and desires. while variability has thus far been helpful in this respect…the continuous chaos could also become a hindrance to my other responsibilities.

earthy virgo tends to be very material and body-oriented. i could literally wear myself (or something that i rely on) out! uranus might give me a revolutionary new view of how i’ve been managing my life plans, or saturn could change the rules altogether. it’s best to learn to go with the flow and understand the need to adapt to keep yourself from fighting a change that need to happen.

Mercury Enters Taurus

Posted in Mercury on 04/09/2009 by ananda silvermoon

With Mercury’s ingress into Taurus this morning, the Aries energy starts to dissipate, and our focus shifts from the core of the self to our immediate surroundings, our possessions and partnerships. Taurus moves at it’s own pace, unhurried yet determined; Mercury, the speediest planet, can seem a little out of place here. However, with the upcoming Venus direct station in the last degree of Pisces, a focus on communicating our desires and needs, especially within the context of relationships, becomes especially important. As Venus prepares to cover the first 15 degrees if Aries again, echoing the things we learned during it’s retrogradation, we can clarify our relationship needs and desires, and hopefully strengthen our partnerships. This will become crystallized when Venus enters her home sign of Taurus this June; the growing pains of the backup period will fade into memory and things will settle to a comfortable level.

What has Venus retrograde taught you? Has it brought changes to your life, or clarified uncertainties about your desires? Looking at the house placement of the retrograde zone can help you figure out what area of your life has been the most affected. For me, it has been transiting over my 12th house cusp, very close to the Aries point, so the effects have been subtle, and hidden to a large degree. But I have still arrived at some new realizations – about hopes, dreams and my core self – Aries on the twelfth blurs the distinction between secrets and self, no doubt exacerbated by my Scorpio moon conjunct my Descendant.

Anyway, as a Taurean rising, I am relieved to have Mercury in my rising sign now, and hope that it can help unclog the tubes of communication that have been flowing slowly as of late. By opening the lines of communication on subjects like relationships and possessions, Mercury in Taurus will hopfully help gel the changes precipitated by Venus’ radical recent action and pave the way to a stable emotional future.