Venus Square Pluto

i scalded my hand, bit my tongue, lost a favorite coffee mug, and left a hat in a lecture hall. damnit.

venus is square pluto, in case you hadn’t noticed. and, sadly, it’s not going away really for a few more weeks. since she’s in retrograde, she still has to transit back over this point after going direct, and with the direct station only 4 degrees away, she’s really not moving that fast at all. which means this is going to be… well… what it is. a bunch of shit, really.

this square, in the early degrees of capricorn/aries, is lighting up anything in early degrees of cardinal signs, and causing a lot of crap for a fair number of people. the mars-saturn opposition is also like wham, in the 13-16 degrees Pisces/Virgo (and we can’t forget Uranus’ role if we’re talking about opposing Saturn right now – so make it 23 degrees or more of those signs). Lots of mutable action here.

anyway, that’s my thoughts on the skies right now. goodnight.


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