Mars Opposes Saturn; People Go Ape-shit

at 5:55 PM PDT on saturday, mars and saturn made an exact opposition. over the weekend, the news networks were flooded with stories of violent breakdowns: people killing other people – cops, their own children, random strangers, and themselves in a burst of outrage and violence. the fallout from these stories is still resonating around the world, on the WWW and on cable news. (just turn on the television if you need convincing.) of course, since this opposition is intimately connected to the lingering saturn-uranus conjunction, the forces of change vs. status quo and progressive vs. conservativism are also evident in at least some of these incidents.

also, an earthquake struck central Italy, killing around 100 and leaving thousands (some reports say 40K) homeless. this after the government not just ignored but actively silenced warnings from experts, accusing them of sowing false panic. oh, government.

me? i spent saturday and sunday engaged in some friendly athletic competition, which is almost definitely the best way to deal with stressful mars transits. i did, however, have a long, strange, and memorable dream on saturday night, involving a current long-distance romantic partner, some old friends, and a clash of romantic interests. (briefly, the dream involved me finding out that said partner had been living with another person for some time, i was the last to know, and that this relationship precluded my relationship with this person from continuing down the course that i would choose were it entirely up to me. it was, needless to say, quite an emotional roller coaster of a dream, and i woke up extremely agitated, but was able to calm myself down once i realized it had been a dream.) there is probably something here about my inner conflict in having a partner with venus in gemini, although in trine with mine in aquarius (and thus rationally/intellectually okay with him having other partners, especially while we are apart), being subjected to jealousy and suspicion thanks to my scorpio moon.

another friend of mine also reported having strange and disturbing dreams on saturday, though i haven’t spoken to him about the subject of said dreams.

deep breaths: mars opposite saturn has now passed, though the aftershocks (no pun intended, though literal aftershocks may be in store for central italy) may continue to affect us for another week or two. the mars-uranus conjunction happens next wednesday, just two days before venus hits her direct station next friday, so there is definitely some interesting stuff in store for us in the upcoming weeks; hopefully, though, the violence and irrationality will wane with the mars-saturn opposition.

other interesting upcoming transits: venus-mars conjunction, 4/21; mars square pluto, 4/26; venus square pluto (again), 5/2. also, mercury enters its next retrograde zone on 4/22, and turns retrograde on 5/6. i know i’m weird, but man, i love mercury retrograde! more on that, of course, later.


One Response to “Mars Opposes Saturn; People Go Ape-shit”

  1. the earthquake prediction from the blog i linked to in the last post is creepier now, even if it was predicted for the wrong country. 🙂

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