Commutatus Noctiluca

so beside the attempt at some mostly likely incorrect latin, you may have noticed that there have been a few changes to luna noctiluca.

first of all the domain is very much officially a .com now because we’re important. secondly, we’ve added twitter boxes, which appear to work but only sporadically. please follow us for 140 character insight.

finally, the lovely and totally locally captured moon photo gracing our header and making it only slightly harder to read our subtitle. wa-la! and as always we appreciate and accept only positive and overtly sycophantic feedback. (kidding…kind of)

fyi, nyx has had a stressful afternoon with too much required of her and very little wine offered in exchange. i was fully prepared to do some sun worship when i got home but if there is one grand menace to astronomy and astrology alike it is cloud cover. boo.


One Response to “Commutatus Noctiluca”

  1. ananda silvermoon Says:

    i do believe the twitter tubes have been clogged today. damn tubes.

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