Mercury Enters Taurus

With Mercury’s ingress into Taurus this morning, the Aries energy starts to dissipate, and our focus shifts from the core of the self to our immediate surroundings, our possessions and partnerships. Taurus moves at it’s own pace, unhurried yet determined; Mercury, the speediest planet, can seem a little out of place here. However, with the upcoming Venus direct station in the last degree of Pisces, a focus on communicating our desires and needs, especially within the context of relationships, becomes especially important. As Venus prepares to cover the first 15 degrees if Aries again, echoing the things we learned during it’s retrogradation, we can clarify our relationship needs and desires, and hopefully strengthen our partnerships. This will become crystallized when Venus enters her home sign of Taurus this June; the growing pains of the backup period will fade into memory and things will settle to a comfortable level.

What has Venus retrograde taught you? Has it brought changes to your life, or clarified uncertainties about your desires? Looking at the house placement of the retrograde zone can help you figure out what area of your life has been the most affected. For me, it has been transiting over my 12th house cusp, very close to the Aries point, so the effects have been subtle, and hidden to a large degree. But I have still arrived at some new realizations – about hopes, dreams and my core self – Aries on the twelfth blurs the distinction between secrets and self, no doubt exacerbated by my Scorpio moon conjunct my Descendant.

Anyway, as a Taurean rising, I am relieved to have Mercury in my rising sign now, and hope that it can help unclog the tubes of communication that have been flowing slowly as of late. By opening the lines of communication on subjects like relationships and possessions, Mercury in Taurus will hopfully help gel the changes precipitated by Venus’ radical recent action and pave the way to a stable emotional future.


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