Saturn, Mars, and Uranus: Dynamic Instability

right now uranus in pisces is trine my natal uranus within five degrees. with the current conjunction with mars, this represents a very jazzy sort of energy. i believe jazz is a great way to describe it: an unpredictable, driving force.

lately my muse has been sending me off in all directions, trying to find new and different ways to express myself and keep up the activity. for me this typically means many full evenings of classes and workshops. most of these activities have been monumentally good for my soul, but they do cost money. i feel like i’ve been running on a magic clock for some time now, and i’m just waiting for the time when it starts to catch up with me. how long can i keep up this crazy schedule? i’m making a technicolor dream quilt out of my monthly calendar.

this trine is aspected by the mars conjunct, but there’s another force in play: saturn in retrograde is coming back to transit my natal mars position, a re-visitation of of some of the effects of the previous saturn/natal mars transit i experienced last year.

the last time this transit occurred i kicked up the exercising and haven’t really let up since. i developed a very rigid willpower partially fed by a fear of slacking and sliding into to a sedentary lifestyle and “wasting” my remaining youth. it seems that saturn in virgo is preying on my already high scorpion personal standards.

so what might this second time through mean for me? with the position of uranus in pisces, the planet of change is represented by the most highly variable sign of the zodiac. while this whirlwind year has already gotten me in shape and out of the house, the centering force of my activity has been a desire to spend some time exploring my own needs and desires. while variability has thus far been helpful in this respect…the continuous chaos could also become a hindrance to my other responsibilities.

earthy virgo tends to be very material and body-oriented. i could literally wear myself (or something that i rely on) out! uranus might give me a revolutionary new view of how i’ve been managing my life plans, or saturn could change the rules altogether. it’s best to learn to go with the flow and understand the need to adapt to keep yourself from fighting a change that need to happen.


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