Transits to My Natal Mars

nemain’s last post referred to some transits of her natal mars, so i figured i’d chime in with a little about some action that mine is getting right now as well.

mars’ position in my birth chart is at 23 degrees Aquarius. a quick glance at the current astro-weather, and you can see that Neptune has just passed it, and that Jupiter is getting ready to transit it – it will actually cross the point three times this year, twice direct and once in retrograde. this effect is going to be lingering all year, as the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction that will be exact later this year is happening *right* there.

jupiter transits to mars’ natal position is supposed to be an excellent opportunity for luck and hard work to combine to enable excellence in athletic and other active pursuits. without knowing that this was the effect of this transit, i have certainly kicked my athletic output up several notches in the last few months, and am currently enjoying my first season as a competitive collegiate athlete. (in the interest of anonymity, i’m not going to say any more than that.) let it be said, though, that i have never considered myself athletic, did not play sports in high school, and have just now, in my early late 20’s, started taking competition seriously, unearthing ambitions and dreams long buried.

i can’t seem to find much on the interwebs about chiron transits to natal mars – info on chiron in general is kinda sketchy, considering we’ve only known about it for about 30 years – but i have been reading about neptune and jupiter transits to the same, and it seems that the conjunction transit is generally extremely productive. transiting jupiter conjunct natal mars, as i alluded to in an earlier tweet, is supposed to be extremely auspicious for athletic pursuits, and it becomes exact on the day of a huge event – a championship. will i win it all? unlikely, given my current standing, but it could be a huge break for me, as well as for the rest of my team.

neptune transits to natal mars represent an awakening of a spiritual awareness, a change in how you process the world, and action taken in relation to this development. well, this one is obvious, given my fairly-recent (i.e. last few years) development of an interest in astrology, and now i am taking action on it, with this blog and in other areas of my life.

so, what will the gathering trifecta conjunct my natal mars bring? i’m hoping (obviously) that it will be auspicious and productive. it could even be transcendent, with Neptune in the mix, and in Aquarius… the planet of illusions and images, the sign of collective consciousness… well, you’ll find out as i find out.


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