Venus Direct – Sigh of Relief

Tomorrow AM, Venus stations direct. Take a deep breath – breathe a sigh of relief – it is finally that time. time to integrate all we have learned over the last 6 weeks or so; time to think about what has changed and what will remain the same. Because as ever, most things will stay the same, at leastfor awhile. Constant incremental changes over time add up to powerful forces; a new generation is taking power, and it flows through us all. Uranus is slowly wearing Saturn down, and as Pluto drags through Capricorn, the status quo is going to be drastically reformed, little by little, bit by bit.

I spontaneously rearranged my room tonight. It happens every now and then; I get the urge and then the furniture starts moving. I wonder if other times I have done this Venus was at station, since Venus rules comfort and our surroundings, especially indoors and certainly in bedrooms.

So Venus is done moving backwards, and she starts to inch forward through the last degree of Pisces this week. This should be fun, especially with the coming Mars-Moon lineup with Venus. That will be a night for some sexy fun time for sure. 😉

Me, I’m separated from the one I think about most by a few hundred miles. It seems to be my cruel fate – I think my Venus-Saturn square has something to do with it – to find myself in long distance relationships. On the other hand, sometimes life is too busy for full-time partnership, or not feasible with the one you want. So we make do with a week here, a weekend there, and hope for a new day, someday, when we might be together more. Meanwhile, we enjoy the freedom of being ourselves without the constraints of relationship 90% of the time. Can’t complain too much, really; I am giddy in love with this one, and I get to stretch that feeling out as long as humanly possible. That is what I have learned during this retrograde phase.

Damn Venus. Making life hard, making life worth living.


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