Sun Into Taurus

But first, a harmonious series of semi-sextiles and conjunctions in the spring signs. Venus, Mars and Uranus line up in the last degrees of Pisces, and Jupiter and Chiron come closer to Neptune. The moon joins them in the late degrees of Aquarius overnight and into tomorrow, as the sun spends its last hours in Aries. The Mercury-Saturn trine is lingering as well; these two being the only planets above the horizon after sunset are elevated to rulers of the evening. The Pisces energy from Venus, Mars and Uranus suggests a strong erotic energy; the Mercury-Saturn rulership of the evening suggests that it will be channeled through communication and not without some reference to authority, even if it is a radical act of sticking it to the Man. A dear friend of mine, for example, is set to perform in a fashion show event at a sex-positive community center event tonight. Radical, erotic and certainly making a statement.

In more personal news, my natal Mars conjunctions are continuing to pay off; another successful competition today and a final culmination next weekend, when Jupiter exactly crosses my natal Mars. Realized this evening that this is signaling a new beginning for me: the (re?)birth of myself, the athlete. The conjunction wanes, but then there is the semisextile, the sextile, the square…

I have been reading Aspects in Astrology by Sue Tompkins, and I have to say it has been pretty useful so far. More to come on this subject, undoubtedly, but now is not the time. Now: meditate and absorb this harmonic amplification of the late Aries sun, as the moon sextiles in Aquarius. Thinking about the role of the individual – the self, Aries – in the context of society – the collective, Aquarius. But also intuitively feeling it, and flowing with the currents, thanks to the anchor in Pisces. Have a good night, and if you’re in the Northwest, enjoy a gorgeous day of Spring tomorrow! Frisbee and ice cream may be in order.


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