Random Thoughts

I caught a glimpse of Mercury for the first time ever last night, as I was driving west just after sunset. The brand new fingernail of a moon provided a great reference point. If it’s clear where you live, I highly recommend trying to find it in the next few days. Look about 30 minutes after sunset, between the moon and where the sun set. Seeing planets helps to understand them, I think. Sometimes it is tough, but when you get a chance, it is highly recommended.

Mercury is now in its echo phase (Eric Francis-speak for its retrograde zone), getting ready to turn around next week. Readers who have been around from the beginning will recall that I really enjoy – if that’s the right word – Mercury retrograde. Which means this blog has lived through its first Mercury cycle!

I will never tell you to “watch out” under Mercury retrograde. I think of it not as a time when things go haywire (as many people do), but rather a time of pause, of internal reflection in Mercury-related areas, and a chance to revisit. Coming fresh off an intense Venus cycle, this is just going to draw out the energy of Venus’ second echo phase through early Aries, and it is slowing down right now, heavy and void in the last degrees of Aries, forming smooth minor aspects to the action in late Aquarius (the upcoming Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron triple conjunction), as well as picking up Uranus in late Pisces. The Mars-Pluto square is easing, so hopefully all the negative energy that’s been floating around will start to dissipate.

Expect communications to take their time in coming this week. Avoid hasty decisions, too; allow your mind to operate in Taurean time, arriving at the best possible decision in no rush. Mercury is in Venus’ turf here, as well as getting ready to travel to the Underworld (also known as morning) to tell her something. Meditate on this tonight: what is the message he is carrying her? Who is it from? If you had an audience with Venus, what would you say to her? Curses or thanks? Maybe a little of both? I know I would have some of both to say myself.

And now, I am going to end this to go commune with planets, and then descend to the underworld myself – at least through sleep. Didn’t get much of that this weekend, as I spent too much time as one of my favorite alter-egos, the competitive athlete. Mars fully approved.



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