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Gemini New Moon

Posted in Astrology, Gemini, Libra, Luna, Skepticism on 05/26/2009 by ananda silvermoon

I had a great long weekend these past few days, with a trip to my favorite city to see some of my favorite people. The coincidence of the trip with not only the Gemini New Moon but also the apex of the triple conjunction – Jupiter/Neptune being exact tomorrow – it was an interesting trip. Last night was my last in town, and I spent a large portion of it engaged in a rather heated debate over astrology with a good friend – a Libra. He definitely has the Libran ability to see things as absolutes – and he thinks astrology is “demonstrably false” and kept telling me I “ought to know better”. He didn’t like it when I told him he was being a typical Libra. Ha, wonder why! Anyway it was a pretty normal debate – though I had a devils advocate on my side, not well-versed in astrology, but surprisingly cognizant of developmental neurobiology and quantum physics. My Libra friend, of course, could not be convinced – and having grown up with a Libra for a mother and one for an older brother, this wasn’t exactly a surprise. But anyway, the debate was fun, and I am getting better at defending my views to skeptics, which is a good feeling. I may not be convincing anyone, but really, you have to experience astrology first-hand to get it, so that isn’t surprising I guess…

Anyway, happy Gemini new moon, and welcome to the end of Spring. I need to catch up on current events but will be back within a few days to talk about the new Supreme Court nominee, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction (exact exact tomorrow, but has been within a degree for the last few days), the sun in Gemini, Mercury direct, and a whole lot more!


Sun Worship

Posted in Sun on 05/18/2009 by nemain nyx

This weekend I spent a little time out in the Sun. As someone who fancy themselves a night person, it was long overdue.

Ever since I began my serious devotion to dance, I’ve begun to appreciate the blessings that come from a warm climate: sun-kissed skin and bright, happy color. What is it about the Sun and great weather that can cause an otherwise reserved person to turn all whirling dervish?

The Sun is the source of our life-force, the keystone of our galaxy, ruler of our ego, and our vitality. Everything looks brighter and more alive when the Sun shines on it.

But there is always a balance to this power. Too much Sun and things can burn or fade over time. That is why we must respect and appreciate the Sun as not only a benevolent life-giving star, but one that has potentially destructive fire, a solar Bhairava. Wear your sunscreen!

To dance under the Sun is to appreciate the material or physical elements of life, the external self that receives and transforms light. Whereas the Moon is the ruler of the dark, internal, underground realm; the Sun embodies that which springs from the Moon’s cradle. Youth, energy, passion, planting, work, productivity, penetration, exertion, fire, hunting, chasing, running, all of these things are associated with the Sun.

Right now Spring is transitioning into Summer, the time (for most) when the temperature comes the closest to matching our blood temperature. Therefore, we are comfortable, and seem to find more motivation to go out appreciate the world around us. It may seem easier to go out and commune with the season, go with that urge. Each season represents a different part of the life process, and summer is the burgeoning fruit so have at it kids! Enjoy and play safe. (And again, wear your sunscreen!)

Mercury Backs Out of Gemini

Posted in Mercury, Retrograde Station on 05/13/2009 by ananda silvermoon

Today around 4:30 PT, Mercury – finally picking up speed after his retrograde station last week – backs up into Taurus. Now, instead of being at home in intellectual Gemini, Mercury slips into Venus-ruled, comfort-seeking, possessive Taurus; our thoughts may turn to security and our possessions. On one hand, this may be a welcome respite- Mercury in Gemini, especially retrograde, can be a bit overwhelming with all the ideas and information; Taurus helps us filter out the noise and focus on the signal. On the other hand, this slowing of mental energy, filtering Mercury through Taurus’ eyes, could cause us to overlook or ignore a crucial piece of the puzzle, especially if it is not directly necessary for our physical comfort.

Remeber last Friday’s Scorpio full moon and the polarity of Taurus versus Scorpio. “I have” versus “I want”; or digging deeper, resources at our own disposal, things we own, versus those we access through our relationships with others. Taurus/Scorpio is really about material security and what it takes to ensure this above all else; using Scorpio energy to ensure that security if necessary. It is important to remember the complementarity of these two signs; where Taurus is comfortable, Scorpio wants more. There is also the Earth/Water contrast here as well: material vs. emotional possessions.

So with Mercury in Taurus, coming into interior conjunction with the Sun within the week, remember the lessons from the full moon and seek Scorpio energy to counter the Taurean tendency towards complacency. The balancing series of trines happening today and tomorrow between the Moon and Saturn and then the Sun give a good foundation, but again, beware of earth trines and complacency. Tap into the Water energy through Uranus, still in late Pisces, and use that to activate the points in Scorpio and Cancer that will fill out the six-pointed star.

Of course, Nyx and I, both with strong Scorpio, understand this well. Let’s use Mercury’s revisitation to Venus’ territory of Taurus to reclaim and reconnect with those in our lives that can help ensure this security. After all, Taurus-Scorpio is essentially self-serving. It is important to serve yourself before you can serve others – remember that. (Just don’t stop there. When you have your needs filled, it is time to help others fill theirs.)

Two Sides of the Same Dragon

Posted in Cancer, Capricorn, Node on 05/12/2009 by nemain nyx

This evening I’ve had a chance to do some meditating and studying on the North Node, otherwise known as the Dragon’s Head. In most charts it seems, the primary focus is the North Node and whatever sign that it is in, leaving little information or thought in regards to the South Node (the Dragon’s Tail). The justification being the North Node is the direction you want to head towards and the South Node where you’ve been (or more appropriately – I believe – where you are most comfortable).

The North Node is called the Dragon’s Head from a mythological story about a dragon who chases the Sun and the Moon, and in turn is the cause of a solar or lunar eclipse (more about that here). To accepted significance of the North Node is that it is your karmic life-goal, and the South Node is then your karmic past.

My North Node is in Cancer, so my karmic South Node is then Capricorn. This would mean that my past life had Capricorn influence and therefore to progress forward in this life the goal is to to be more like Cancer. In other words, traits of Cancer would be a new pattern given that the Capricorn traits are more comfortable and familiar to me.

This doesn’t indicate that I should ignore or ostracize the traits of Capricorn at all. There is unfinished business in the place of origin. The idea is that in this life my journey is to embrace the path from Capricorn to Cancer.

They are two sides of the same Dragon after all. It relates to the phases of life and great harmonic balance of light and dark, yin and yang, past and potential….and speaking of potential, I’m absolutely fascinated by this revelation. Cancer? I hardly know ye! Besides being the ruler of my second house I have no other planets residing in that sign. I have a whole new door open to me that I hadn’t considered.

So how can I apply this? I can consider my tendency to focus on the self and instead open myself up more to others and embrace the nurturing aspect of Cancer. This is indeed kind of weird for me. For one, I’m not much of a nurturer in the traditional sense of the word. I only really open myself up to a significant few and I tend to recoil from hugs and smootchies and general body contact, even when I actually am attempting to comfort someone. I tend to try to comfort with words or “look on the bright sides” while secretly not knowing what the hell to do.

I could learn a thing or do from the sign ruled by the Mother Moon herself. Learn to open up and allow myself the vulnerability necessary to really give to others. The fallback is to lean towards the shields of feeling too overly-dignified to let yourself truly release and empathize with someone else. Capricorn has worked hard for status and tends to find it difficult to share. Time to try to reach out to others (well, baby steps ok?) and think about balancing my head and tail.

Nyx in Retrograde

Posted in Mercury, Recommended Reading, Retrograde Station on 05/06/2009 by nemain nyx

I found it funny that just a moment ago I found a spark of motivation to write a post and saw that Ananda observed my recent radio silence in her post about Pluto.

It’s so true. I’ve been experiencing a hush of sorts as of late. Even twittering seems almost too much for me right now. I did come down with a bit of sickness the past few days, but normally that gives me more time to process and post some thoughts. lately i’ve been feeling more introspective and have been focusing my energy to more of a receptive state.

Ananda mentioned that she was reading from Aspects in Astrology by Sue Tompkins so I picked it up as well as a few others: Predictive Astrology: the Eagle and the Lark by Bernadette Brady and Persephone is Transpluto by Valeric Vaushan and Valerie Vaughan.

I’ve also been enjoying sitting back and watching Ananda write some beautiful entries. I especially enjoyed reading her “venus and pluto” post and the beauty and fertility of the underworld realm. I too have found solace in the rich soil. Her post brought to mind another book I read last year called Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess by Demetra George. Each of us needs to feel the regenerative powers of the dark for ourselves. As a Scorpio, this has explicit importance to me.

As Mercury turns retrograde and the Full Moon blossoms in Scorpio, there is a deeper silence to be found. This help you to “think before you speak” and ease the strange informational cross-chatter that can come with this retrograde period.



Posted in Pluto on 05/06/2009 by ananda silvermoon

(you can tell that Mercury is stationing retrograde, because Nyx is silent and Ananda is bursting forth with the verbage. in a few weeks it’ll probably be just the opposite.)

I spent a good amount of time last night reading Melanie Reinhart’s articles on Pluto, which are definitely well-researched and insightful. Reviewing the stuff from Pluto in Sagittarius is definitely helpful now, as are (obviously) the articles pertaining to Pluto in Capricorn.

It’s interesting that the last time we saw Pluto in Capricorn was during the time of the American Revolution; before that, it was Martin Luther and the Protestant Revolution. Pluto in Capricorn obviously correlates with revolution, with rejecting old structures that are outmoded and replacing them with new paradigms. What those new structures will look like this time around remains to be seen, but it’s obvious that the feeling of revolution is at hand – ironic, though, that it is the conservative movement that feels that it is now time for a revolution, while liberals have been thinking this for the past 8 years, but without taking much action.

Anyway, definitely check out her articles and see what you think. She also has some convenient outlines of key dates in Pluto’s movements, so you can think back and correlate what was going on in your own lives as well as the world at large during some important Pluto events. For me, they correlate eerily with events involving a figure from my past whom I would certainly count as Plutonian: lord of the underworld, transforming old into new through death and rebirth, destruction and reconstruction. The changes that have occurred in my life as a result of my encounters with this individual are almost epic in proportion, far beyond what I would like to admit. (As someone with mainly Cardinal and Fixed energy, it’s hard for me to admit such Mutability…) On the other hand, history has taken the path it has chosen, and not another; I am here, I am myself, and those two statements reflect changes in my location and personhood that were precipitated by interactions with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, both in human and in planetary form.

Venus and Pluto

Posted in Current Events, Opposition, Pluto, Venus, Wheel of the Year on 05/04/2009 by ananda silvermoon

The recent square between these two planets has made the Beltane season a particular brand of bittersweet for me this year. It’s officially spring in the northern hemisphere, and the lush countryside where I live is springing to life. At the same time, though, the underworld seems especially close – much more reminiscent of Samhain season than Beltane. I am blessed with a large picture window in my room which offers a view of a half-wild garden, with a few large shade trees and many smaller bushes and plants. Today it has been raining steadily, and it’s easy to see how the garden got so lush – it is a rainforest-like ecosystem here. Plenty of rain, plenty of diversity of plant life. But I have also been noticing how alive the soil is – how very active a participant in creating the green landscape we see. Without roots, without rich organic soil, without the countless and unfathomable fungi that fill the earth beneath the garden, there could be no leaves. And how conversely, without leaves, there could be no soil – if plants did not take carbon from the atmosphere and link it together using sunlight, and then let go of these delicate structures before they were reduced back to breath – enabling other life forms, which make a living not by creating, but by destroying, to have an existence. How very closely intertwined all life is, how it both creates and destroys, is created and is destroyed and in the process creates more. How the yearly cycle repeats itself, with spring bringing new growth and new forms, and fall bringing those forms back down to the ground to be destroyed, to be incorporated into the world. How the very act of creation is utterly dependent on this constant process of destruction: new forms are created, similar to the old, but different in subtle ways, radically new. How we as people, existing tenuously in between these two ends, come into existence thanks very much to plants and their ability to knit carbon together with sunlight, yet fight stubbornly – and ultimately in vain – to avoid being dissolved and devoured by the earth.

We generally try to avoid thinking of the underworld, especially during this time of year, when fertility is the prime motivation of nearly everything in existence. But this Beltane, with Venus squaring off against Pluto, it seems the other side is much closer than normal, almost like it is during Scorpio’s reign. And coming into this Friday’s Scorpio Full Moon, I expect this feeling to persist for awhile, at least as long as this warm, steady spring rain keeps saturating the Northwest, as long as the yard keeps springing new and interesting mushrooms, as long as the moss on tree branches creates soil beneath itself that will eventually doom the branch.

The underworld is poised, waiting to devour.