Oh God Swine Flu

I was hoping to not even remark on this, since it’s so not really anything to be afraid of, but since it’s all over the dang news I guess we can talk about it. All there is to say has been said, but I’ll repeat it:

Jupiter, planet of inflation, expansion
Chiron, the wounded healer
Neptune, planet of illusions and deception

Being deceived and scared into submission by the media (that’s neptune) with overinflated expectations (jupiter) of global pandemic (chiron). All in conjunction so there is identity, but not awareness, of one another.

I read somewhere (can’t remember where now) that since this stuff has come up, 1 person – a mexican toddler – has died in the US of H1N1 swine flu, but something like 300 people have died in the US of regular flu.

The sun will be coming into square with this triple conjunction toward the middle of this month, prompting some sort of crisis of awareness. That will be about the same time as Mercury transits the sun during his retrograde journey, so I’d be on the lookout for misleading communications and errors of omission (intentional and unintentional). On May 16, overnight into the 17th, the Moon will form a conjunction with this Neptune/Jupiter/Chiron shit, and Mercury will be coming into inferior conjunction with the Sun in square with the N/J/C shit. Additionally, Mars and Venus will be hovering, still in a wide conjunction, around the midpoint of this square, dividing it into two semisquares. Pointy, ouchy, etc.

Anyway, in my opinion, awareness leads to a mitigation of the effects of these type of things, just as being aware of Mercury retrograde can save you all sorts of hassles of miscommunication. So be prepared – not for swine flu, but for everyone else to panic – and be prepared to ride out the next few weeks on some bumpy waves of illusion and pandemic-panic that is grossly distorted and expanded.


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