Venus and Pluto

The recent square between these two planets has made the Beltane season a particular brand of bittersweet for me this year. It’s officially spring in the northern hemisphere, and the lush countryside where I live is springing to life. At the same time, though, the underworld seems especially close – much more reminiscent of Samhain season than Beltane. I am blessed with a large picture window in my room which offers a view of a half-wild garden, with a few large shade trees and many smaller bushes and plants. Today it has been raining steadily, and it’s easy to see how the garden got so lush – it is a rainforest-like ecosystem here. Plenty of rain, plenty of diversity of plant life. But I have also been noticing how alive the soil is – how very active a participant in creating the green landscape we see. Without roots, without rich organic soil, without the countless and unfathomable fungi that fill the earth beneath the garden, there could be no leaves. And how conversely, without leaves, there could be no soil – if plants did not take carbon from the atmosphere and link it together using sunlight, and then let go of these delicate structures before they were reduced back to breath – enabling other life forms, which make a living not by creating, but by destroying, to have an existence. How very closely intertwined all life is, how it both creates and destroys, is created and is destroyed and in the process creates more. How the yearly cycle repeats itself, with spring bringing new growth and new forms, and fall bringing those forms back down to the ground to be destroyed, to be incorporated into the world. How the very act of creation is utterly dependent on this constant process of destruction: new forms are created, similar to the old, but different in subtle ways, radically new. How we as people, existing tenuously in between these two ends, come into existence thanks very much to plants and their ability to knit carbon together with sunlight, yet fight stubbornly – and ultimately in vain – to avoid being dissolved and devoured by the earth.

We generally try to avoid thinking of the underworld, especially during this time of year, when fertility is the prime motivation of nearly everything in existence. But this Beltane, with Venus squaring off against Pluto, it seems the other side is much closer than normal, almost like it is during Scorpio’s reign. And coming into this Friday’s Scorpio Full Moon, I expect this feeling to persist for awhile, at least as long as this warm, steady spring rain keeps saturating the Northwest, as long as the yard keeps springing new and interesting mushrooms, as long as the moss on tree branches creates soil beneath itself that will eventually doom the branch.

The underworld is poised, waiting to devour.


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