Two Sides of the Same Dragon

This evening I’ve had a chance to do some meditating and studying on the North Node, otherwise known as the Dragon’s Head. In most charts it seems, the primary focus is the North Node and whatever sign that it is in, leaving little information or thought in regards to the South Node (the Dragon’s Tail). The justification being the North Node is the direction you want to head towards and the South Node where you’ve been (or more appropriately – I believe – where you are most comfortable).

The North Node is called the Dragon’s Head from a mythological story about a dragon who chases the Sun and the Moon, and in turn is the cause of a solar or lunar eclipse (more about that here). To accepted significance of the North Node is that it is your karmic life-goal, and the South Node is then your karmic past.

My North Node is in Cancer, so my karmic South Node is then Capricorn. This would mean that my past life had Capricorn influence and therefore to progress forward in this life the goal is to to be more like Cancer. In other words, traits of Cancer would be a new pattern given that the Capricorn traits are more comfortable and familiar to me.

This doesn’t indicate that I should ignore or ostracize the traits of Capricorn at all. There is unfinished business in the place of origin. The idea is that in this life my journey is to embrace the path from Capricorn to Cancer.

They are two sides of the same Dragon after all. It relates to the phases of life and great harmonic balance of light and dark, yin and yang, past and potential….and speaking of potential, I’m absolutely fascinated by this revelation. Cancer? I hardly know ye! Besides being the ruler of my second house I have no other planets residing in that sign. I have a whole new door open to me that I hadn’t considered.

So how can I apply this? I can consider my tendency to focus on the self and instead open myself up more to others and embrace the nurturing aspect of Cancer. This is indeed kind of weird for me. For one, I’m not much of a nurturer in the traditional sense of the word. I only really open myself up to a significant few and I tend to recoil from hugs and smootchies and general body contact, even when I actually am attempting to comfort someone. I tend to try to comfort with words or “look on the bright sides” while secretly not knowing what the hell to do.

I could learn a thing or do from the sign ruled by the Mother Moon herself. Learn to open up and allow myself the vulnerability necessary to really give to others. The fallback is to lean towards the shields of feeling too overly-dignified to let yourself truly release and empathize with someone else. Capricorn has worked hard for status and tends to find it difficult to share. Time to try to reach out to others (well, baby steps ok?) and think about balancing my head and tail.


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