Mercury Backs Out of Gemini

Today around 4:30 PT, Mercury – finally picking up speed after his retrograde station last week – backs up into Taurus. Now, instead of being at home in intellectual Gemini, Mercury slips into Venus-ruled, comfort-seeking, possessive Taurus; our thoughts may turn to security and our possessions. On one hand, this may be a welcome respite- Mercury in Gemini, especially retrograde, can be a bit overwhelming with all the ideas and information; Taurus helps us filter out the noise and focus on the signal. On the other hand, this slowing of mental energy, filtering Mercury through Taurus’ eyes, could cause us to overlook or ignore a crucial piece of the puzzle, especially if it is not directly necessary for our physical comfort.

Remeber last Friday’s Scorpio full moon and the polarity of Taurus versus Scorpio. “I have” versus “I want”; or digging deeper, resources at our own disposal, things we own, versus those we access through our relationships with others. Taurus/Scorpio is really about material security and what it takes to ensure this above all else; using Scorpio energy to ensure that security if necessary. It is important to remember the complementarity of these two signs; where Taurus is comfortable, Scorpio wants more. There is also the Earth/Water contrast here as well: material vs. emotional possessions.

So with Mercury in Taurus, coming into interior conjunction with the Sun within the week, remember the lessons from the full moon and seek Scorpio energy to counter the Taurean tendency towards complacency. The balancing series of trines happening today and tomorrow between the Moon and Saturn and then the Sun give a good foundation, but again, beware of earth trines and complacency. Tap into the Water energy through Uranus, still in late Pisces, and use that to activate the points in Scorpio and Cancer that will fill out the six-pointed star.

Of course, Nyx and I, both with strong Scorpio, understand this well. Let’s use Mercury’s revisitation to Venus’ territory of Taurus to reclaim and reconnect with those in our lives that can help ensure this security. After all, Taurus-Scorpio is essentially self-serving. It is important to serve yourself before you can serve others – remember that. (Just don’t stop there. When you have your needs filled, it is time to help others fill theirs.)


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