Sun Worship

This weekend I spent a little time out in the Sun. As someone who fancy themselves a night person, it was long overdue.

Ever since I began my serious devotion to dance, I’ve begun to appreciate the blessings that come from a warm climate: sun-kissed skin and bright, happy color. What is it about the Sun and great weather that can cause an otherwise reserved person to turn all whirling dervish?

The Sun is the source of our life-force, the keystone of our galaxy, ruler of our ego, and our vitality. Everything looks brighter and more alive when the Sun shines on it.

But there is always a balance to this power. Too much Sun and things can burn or fade over time. That is why we must respect and appreciate the Sun as not only a benevolent life-giving star, but one that has potentially destructive fire, a solar Bhairava. Wear your sunscreen!

To dance under the Sun is to appreciate the material or physical elements of life, the external self that receives and transforms light. Whereas the Moon is the ruler of the dark, internal, underground realm; the Sun embodies that which springs from the Moon’s cradle. Youth, energy, passion, planting, work, productivity, penetration, exertion, fire, hunting, chasing, running, all of these things are associated with the Sun.

Right now Spring is transitioning into Summer, the time (for most) when the temperature comes the closest to matching our blood temperature. Therefore, we are comfortable, and seem to find more motivation to go out appreciate the world around us. It may seem easier to go out and commune with the season, go with that urge. Each season represents a different part of the life process, and summer is the burgeoning fruit so have at it kids! Enjoy and play safe. (And again, wear your sunscreen!)


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