Gemini New Moon

I had a great long weekend these past few days, with a trip to my favorite city to see some of my favorite people. The coincidence of the trip with not only the Gemini New Moon but also the apex of the triple conjunction – Jupiter/Neptune being exact tomorrow – it was an interesting trip. Last night was my last in town, and I spent a large portion of it engaged in a rather heated debate over astrology with a good friend – a Libra. He definitely has the Libran ability to see things as absolutes – and he thinks astrology is “demonstrably false” and kept telling me I “ought to know better”. He didn’t like it when I told him he was being a typical Libra. Ha, wonder why! Anyway it was a pretty normal debate – though I had a devils advocate on my side, not well-versed in astrology, but surprisingly cognizant of developmental neurobiology and quantum physics. My Libra friend, of course, could not be convinced – and having grown up with a Libra for a mother and one for an older brother, this wasn’t exactly a surprise. But anyway, the debate was fun, and I am getting better at defending my views to skeptics, which is a good feeling. I may not be convincing anyone, but really, you have to experience astrology first-hand to get it, so that isn’t surprising I guess…

Anyway, happy Gemini new moon, and welcome to the end of Spring. I need to catch up on current events but will be back within a few days to talk about the new Supreme Court nominee, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction (exact exact tomorrow, but has been within a degree for the last few days), the sun in Gemini, Mercury direct, and a whole lot more!


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