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Libra Moon Void, Big Day Tomorrow

Posted in Aquarius, Chiron, Current Events, Gemini, Jupiter, Libra, Luna, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Retrograde Station, Scorpio, Uranus, Venus on 06/30/2009 by ananda silvermoon

In a few hours the moon will slip into secretive Scorpio, but for now it is void of course in late Libra, having trined the Aquarius stellium earlier today (actually, it was a grand air trine, involving mercury in Gemini as well!). The moon’s entry into Scorpio sets the stage for a big day tomorrow, with both Mercury and Venus forming exact aspects to the Aquarius stellium and to Uranus. This is only intensified by the fact that Mars is only a few degrees behind Venus, so expect whatever happens tomorrow to stick around for a few days.

So this is an interesting pattern that we have, which is exact tomorrow. Mercury is 30 degrees ahead of Venus, which is sextile Uranus and square the Aquarius stellium of Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter. This gives us two squares, two semisextiles, a sextile and a trine. Of course, since two of our four points comprise more than one planet, these aspects are intensified. This gives us something stable, something resonant, but something with direction to it, something pushing or pulling us to action. It’s not unpleasant, but it’s not exactly comfortable either.

What does it all mean? What’s going to happen tomorrow? I have no idea. Nyx is our mythology expert, I’m more like the astronomer. I just know where the planets are at any given time. And if I told you to expect effects on communication, relationships, finances, luck, or dreams, or if I told you to expect the unexpected, well, that would probably cover it. Hardly going out on a limb there. But I have been watching the skies long enough to know that this sort of alignment is rare, but will definitely be interesting; I’m not expecting earthquakes or anything. Though I do think that the big news of the day – Norm Coleman concedes and Al Franken is finally Senator from Minnesota – might have something to do with a certain outer planet – one that is shaping our current events through its opposition to another certain outer planet – stationing retrograde. Which also happens tomorrow, or tonight, depending on your time zone. Yep, not only is Uranus involved in the series of aspects tomorrow, it’s also at its retrograde station. OH – and – !!! – 2009 is officially half over as of tomorrow.

Told you it was a big day tomorrow. Happy July! Namaste!


A Mars Day

Posted in Mars, Neptune, Venus on 06/30/2009 by nemain nyx

Yesterday I witnessed more than my normal share of accidents. As I was walking across an intersection I heard a very loud plastic popping sound and turned around to see that a Suburban and a sedan had had a minor collision. Since I wasn’t needed and didn’t actually see it occur I went on my way.

Later in the evening as I was coming home from a friend’s house, I saw a collection of several aid cars and fire trucks. A motorcycle and a sedan had a terrible collision and there were life-threatening injuries.

Earlier in the day I was feeling very driven by busy work and frustration. People were giving me a wide-berth, as the feeling was written all over my face. In short, it had all the symptoms of a Mars Day.

A day on Mars has an extra 39 minutes, but that’s not what I mean. When I’m talking about a Mars Day, I’m talking about a day influenced by the Warrior aspect of Mars. A day absolutely filled with drive, for better or for worse.

Accidents tend to happen on days heavily influenced by Mars. The reasoning could be that sometimes when we are so focused on what we are doing and we apply so much energy towards it we can lose track of the big picture and open ourselves up to accidents. For example, the motorcycle involved in the collision was traveling on a city street upwards of 90 mph. While obviously not the least bit wise, it showed the pure bullocks influence associated with Mars.

So thinking about the major aspects yesterday, Neptune square the Mars/Venus conjunction in Taurus, with Jupiter to expand the influence. Mars & Venus together are full of passion, and with Neptune in retrograde the passionate ideals and even illusions cooked up by this paring is expanded by the Greater Fortune. Jupiter in the role of the Wheel of Fortune favors Neptune’s influence, and the revelations born under these circumstances could have lasting effects, adding further knots in the thread of life.

Mars is not entirely docile in Taurus. This sign can exacerbate the stubborn characteristic of the planet. When I found myself neck-deep in work yesterday I played the martyr and wouldn’t allow anyone to help me. But I wasn’t going to let anyone forget that I was doing it all myself! (Showing a bit of my natal Mars in Virgo in the process)

My astro-guru once told me that the best way to deal with a Mars day is to simply pay attention to where you step. Physical movement is a key element of this planet and often the part that can get us into an accident. But you should never waste the prevailing motivation of a Mars Day! If you feel one coming on, just take care to think clearly and mind your extremities (and your speed!) and you’ll get a lot done.

Cancer New Moon and Self-Deception

Posted in Cancer, Luna on 06/23/2009 by nemain nyx

Yesterday’s new moon delivered terrible news to a friend of mine. Her house had been broken into, and it appears to have been an inside job. Very little was moved out of place. They seemed to know exactly where to look and what to look for.

While they have a sneaking suspicion that they know who might have done this to them, invasion of the intimacy of their home suddenly makes things that were once familiar seem alien and strange. Their home is suddenly an uncomfortable place.

The astrological sign of Cancer is very tied to the home. It is the sign of nurturing maternal comfort and love. To have this happen to her home during the darkness of the new moon in Cancer is a significant blow.

While there are many positive and nurturing aspects of this sign, one of the more negative traits is a tendency to be deceived by their own insecurity. A sort of “everyone is out to get me” type of deception. Because the sign is fiercely loyal, once Cancer feels it has been hurt it can become aggressively protective of itself. That strong shell can sometimes keep it from seeing the whole picture.

Cancer displays many of the characteristics associated with its ruler. The Moon Mother has many layers as caregiver and fertile life-force. She also has her shadow self: being overly-sensitive, fretful, even vengeful. In this state Cancer can work itself into a self-deceptive sense of entitlement, alienating those with whom it used to share a close bond. This self-victimization is difficult to overcome without taking a close look at what caused the hurt.

The New Moon brings out the shadow realm and with it the display of the shadowy aspects of Cancer. My poor friend is concerned that this robbery was a display of vengeance from a former friend. It will take time to determine if this is indeed the truth (or really it’s possible that she may never know for certain) but what is needed now is to meditate on the other characteristics of Cancer as Loving Mother to rekindle that sense of security at home.

What’s Behind the Curtain: Jupiter in Retrograde 2009

Posted in Current Events, Gemini, Jupiter, Pisces, Retrograde Station, Saturn, Uranus on 06/15/2009 by nemain nyx

Beginning today through mid-October, Jupiter is in retrograde. This period turns away from the fa├žade of grandeur that we present to ourselves and others and tells us to look behind the big curtain and see what’s really there.

This can be an extraordinarily beneficial time for personal growth. If you consider Jupiter to be a lucky planet of opportunity, well consider this to be a different kind of opportunity, maybe one that doesn’t present itself with bells & whistles.

This is a pretty generalized interpretation, because it’s difficult to say how this retrograde phase effects everyone. Currently Jupiter is in 27 degrees Aquarius (to add to the highly spiritual and moral element of this phase) but it is conjunct to retrograde Neptune, so you might find yourself not only questioning yourself, but what is real in total.

The Sun is trine this conjunct in 24 degrees Gemini, to support the revelation of shortcomings when it comes to communication with others. But with the present position of Uranus in Pisces these tensions could be difficult to handle.

Saturn is in an interesting position relative to the rest of the major planets right now. Effectively alone in Virgo, opposite Luna and Uranus it is positioned to square Mercury and trine Mars and put the great Saturnine influence on this phase.

Considering the situation in Iran (experiencing a return), I definitely believe that Saturn is watching. Uranus is volatile in the sensitive, mutable, Piscean element encouraging a sense of revolution. In late September, when Uranus moves into strong opposition with Saturn, we might learn the result of this rebellious energy.

Jupiter Trine Natal Jupiter

Posted in Aquarius, Jupiter, Libra on 06/10/2009 by nemain nyx

Right now Jupiter in Aquarius is exactly trine my natal Jupiter of Libra in the 5th House of Nati (or House of Pleasure). To me this has felt like a very large portal has opened in my mind, and specifically in my dance. I came to the rather sudden realization that I’m ready to start working towards becoming a professional dancer and took a big mental leap (and some small but important physical leaps) towards my goal.

My Jupiter in Libra has given me a tendency to have big ideas but become extremely indecisive when it comes to the smaller decisions. Sort of an “OK, I’m ready to do this! so where do I go from here?” situation.

This is where Jupiter’s placement in the very concise, logical sign of Aquarius comes in handy. After much hemming & hawing the past few months my professional dance name simply came to me. I have laid out my next steps and I’m ready to take them on (one at a time though, it’s a process). It’s times like these that Jupiter gets its nickname as the “Greater Fortune”.

Sun Square Saturn

Posted in Saturn, Sun on 06/05/2009 by ananda silvermoon

Mercury is gaining speed, and Venus is about to enter her home sign of Taurus, hot on the heels of Mars. I would expect the nervous, impulsive energy that has been dominating the world of love and relationships to calm down a bit, allowing a renewed focus on what is here, now. This should definitely smooth things out, which is much needed, since there is definitely a lot that is bumpy right now.

For starters, there’s the solar square to Saturn, nearly exact right now; the upcoming Sagittarius Full Moon will turn this into a T-square. And there is the current T-square: Mercury, now direct in late Taurus, is squaring the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron alignment in late Aquarius, and is opposite the Scorpio Moon, which transits into Sag early tomorrow AM PDT. This T-square will affect us tonight; tomorrow, the moon in Sagittarius will start directing the focus to the Sun and Saturn.

Right now the Sun square Saturn is telling me that I have a lot of work to do, and that I had better focus to accomplish it all, because this is the deadline. Lately my horoscopes have been telling me that in order to succeed at what I want to do, I have to start pruning “my garden” – or cutting back on other things. That… is something that I have a real hard time with. So it will require some deep thought, meditation, and consideration… and will undoubtedly be a painful process… but probably necessary in the long run.

A Fervent Friend, a Subtle Foe

Posted in Scorpio on 06/04/2009 by nemain nyx

I briefly considered calling this post “In Defense of Scorpio” mostly because of the moon and the square-off with Saturn and the trine with Mars having everyone in an intense tizzy. Aspects of this sign are very off-putting, and though everyone has a little Scorpio in them somewhere, it remains shrouded in a dangerous mystique.

A (well) former friend once put Scorpios in a bottle for me. He told me that if he really wanted to know the ugly truth he would ask a Scorpio. Because when it comes to the Underworld (and to quote the film Constantine) the true nature of Scorpio is “half in, half out”.

The ugly little arthropod was asked to perform a vendetta for a Goddess. To kill, and to do it without asking questions and essentially without ceremony. Death from a small but painful sting from a humble place: underfoot, out of mind, quick and cold.

Do these attributes sound familiar? Scorpio is also associated with intense jealousy… probably a reflection of the Goddess herself. The scorpion was simply the vessel, filled with the rage of the deity. A divinely-appointed License to Kill.

So do I sound defensive yet? Am I going to go on about the positive aspects of this sign? Determination, activity, loyalty, inquisitiveness, thoroughness, passion, magnetism, intensity? Invoke the imagery of Serket and her scorpion kings?

Ok maybe a little bit.

If you want to be nurtured you ask a Cancer. If you want diplomacy you ask a Gemini or a Libra. Scorpio will give you the skeletons in the closet.

The tension comes from varying ideas of morality. Modern America (though far more open than Historical America – though it may not seem that way sometimes) has issues with death. As far as we’re concerned, death is the Worst Thing. Death can also be represented as the Dark.

As a young Scorpio, I found myself in a crisis point between the religion impressed on me and what I felt was my true belief. And through my growing up and profound fear associated with death, I learned that: some people are comfortable in the dark, and that it ok.

This was actually a hard thing to come to terms with. Probably because I also came to understand that most people are not comfortable with those who are comfortable in the dark. I see the late Dr. Tiller as one of those people who have come to accept the dark (as he was able to help all of those women through a very dark time in their lives).

People who are comfortable in the dark tend to run afoul of those who base their life standards on all things light. And while there is nothing wrong with light, there is inherently nothing “wrong” with dark.

Fear can corrode anyone’s sanity, and when someone is told they are devil for accepting the dark, you get twisted folks like Scott Roeder. Roeder was someone who was very NOT comfortable with the dark, and as Ananda mentioned in her post on the Tiller murder: Roeder’s lunar North Node in Scorpio should have indicated a deep need to come to accept death and the restorative nature of the dark. Instead he lead himself into a tangled web of self-deception. He felt a pull towards death that so freaked him out that it resulted in this terrible murder. And while it is utterly devastating, it remains a very Scorpion act. A vendetta carried out. A divine License to Kill? Not so funny now is it?

Could his Scorpion attributes have manifested in a far more positive way? Absofuckinglutely. But that is the way of these lives we have: life is death, death is life. We live to die and we die to live again. Scorpio adds an interesting accent to the journey that, as all other signs do, that we must come to terms with and use the gifts wisely.