A Fervent Friend, a Subtle Foe

I briefly considered calling this post “In Defense of Scorpio” mostly because of the moon and the square-off with Saturn and the trine with Mars having everyone in an intense tizzy. Aspects of this sign are very off-putting, and though everyone has a little Scorpio in them somewhere, it remains shrouded in a dangerous mystique.

A (well) former friend once put Scorpios in a bottle for me. He told me that if he really wanted to know the ugly truth he would ask a Scorpio. Because when it comes to the Underworld (and to quote the film Constantine) the true nature of Scorpio is “half in, half out”.

The ugly little arthropod was asked to perform a vendetta for a Goddess. To kill, and to do it without asking questions and essentially without ceremony. Death from a small but painful sting from a humble place: underfoot, out of mind, quick and cold.

Do these attributes sound familiar? Scorpio is also associated with intense jealousy… probably a reflection of the Goddess herself. The scorpion was simply the vessel, filled with the rage of the deity. A divinely-appointed License to Kill.

So do I sound defensive yet? Am I going to go on about the positive aspects of this sign? Determination, activity, loyalty, inquisitiveness, thoroughness, passion, magnetism, intensity? Invoke the imagery of Serket and her scorpion kings?

Ok maybe a little bit.

If you want to be nurtured you ask a Cancer. If you want diplomacy you ask a Gemini or a Libra. Scorpio will give you the skeletons in the closet.

The tension comes from varying ideas of morality. Modern America (though far more open than Historical America – though it may not seem that way sometimes) has issues with death. As far as we’re concerned, death is the Worst Thing. Death can also be represented as the Dark.

As a young Scorpio, I found myself in a crisis point between the religion impressed on me and what I felt was my true belief. And through my growing up and profound fear associated with death, I learned that: some people are comfortable in the dark, and that it ok.

This was actually a hard thing to come to terms with. Probably because I also came to understand that most people are not comfortable with those who are comfortable in the dark. I see the late Dr. Tiller as one of those people who have come to accept the dark (as he was able to help all of those women through a very dark time in their lives).

People who are comfortable in the dark tend to run afoul of those who base their life standards on all things light. And while there is nothing wrong with light, there is inherently nothing “wrong” with dark.

Fear can corrode anyone’s sanity, and when someone is told they are devil for accepting the dark, you get twisted folks like Scott Roeder. Roeder was someone who was very NOT comfortable with the dark, and as Ananda mentioned in her post on the Tiller murder: Roeder’s lunar North Node in Scorpio should have indicated a deep need to come to accept death and the restorative nature of the dark. Instead he lead himself into a tangled web of self-deception. He felt a pull towards death that so freaked him out that it resulted in this terrible murder. And while it is utterly devastating, it remains a very Scorpion act. A vendetta carried out. A divine License to Kill? Not so funny now is it?

Could his Scorpion attributes have manifested in a far more positive way? Absofuckinglutely. But that is the way of these lives we have: life is death, death is life. We live to die and we die to live again. Scorpio adds an interesting accent to the journey that, as all other signs do, that we must come to terms with and use the gifts wisely.


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