Sun Square Saturn

Mercury is gaining speed, and Venus is about to enter her home sign of Taurus, hot on the heels of Mars. I would expect the nervous, impulsive energy that has been dominating the world of love and relationships to calm down a bit, allowing a renewed focus on what is here, now. This should definitely smooth things out, which is much needed, since there is definitely a lot that is bumpy right now.

For starters, there’s the solar square to Saturn, nearly exact right now; the upcoming Sagittarius Full Moon will turn this into a T-square. And there is the current T-square: Mercury, now direct in late Taurus, is squaring the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron alignment in late Aquarius, and is opposite the Scorpio Moon, which transits into Sag early tomorrow AM PDT. This T-square will affect us tonight; tomorrow, the moon in Sagittarius will start directing the focus to the Sun and Saturn.

Right now the Sun square Saturn is telling me that I have a lot of work to do, and that I had better focus to accomplish it all, because this is the deadline. Lately my horoscopes have been telling me that in order to succeed at what I want to do, I have to start pruning “my garden” – or cutting back on other things. That… is something that I have a real hard time with. So it will require some deep thought, meditation, and consideration… and will undoubtedly be a painful process… but probably necessary in the long run.


One Response to “Sun Square Saturn”

  1. this squaring has me on edge. last night i had a dreadful sensation of foreboding that bothered my sleep. whenever “pruning” is involved there’s a definite tension.

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