Jupiter Trine Natal Jupiter

Right now Jupiter in Aquarius is exactly trine my natal Jupiter of Libra in the 5th House of Nati (or House of Pleasure). To me this has felt like a very large portal has opened in my mind, and specifically in my dance. I came to the rather sudden realization that I’m ready to start working towards becoming a professional dancer and took a big mental leap (and some small but important physical leaps) towards my goal.

My Jupiter in Libra has given me a tendency to have big ideas but become extremely indecisive when it comes to the smaller decisions. Sort of an “OK, I’m ready to do this! so where do I go from here?” situation.

This is where Jupiter’s placement in the very concise, logical sign of Aquarius comes in handy. After much hemming & hawing the past few months my professional dance name simply came to me. I have laid out my next steps and I’m ready to take them on (one at a time though, it’s a process). It’s times like these that Jupiter gets its nickname as the “Greater Fortune”.


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