What’s Behind the Curtain: Jupiter in Retrograde 2009

Beginning today through mid-October, Jupiter is in retrograde. This period turns away from the façade of grandeur that we present to ourselves and others and tells us to look behind the big curtain and see what’s really there.

This can be an extraordinarily beneficial time for personal growth. If you consider Jupiter to be a lucky planet of opportunity, well consider this to be a different kind of opportunity, maybe one that doesn’t present itself with bells & whistles.

This is a pretty generalized interpretation, because it’s difficult to say how this retrograde phase effects everyone. Currently Jupiter is in 27 degrees Aquarius (to add to the highly spiritual and moral element of this phase) but it is conjunct to retrograde Neptune, so you might find yourself not only questioning yourself, but what is real in total.

The Sun is trine this conjunct in 24 degrees Gemini, to support the revelation of shortcomings when it comes to communication with others. But with the present position of Uranus in Pisces these tensions could be difficult to handle.

Saturn is in an interesting position relative to the rest of the major planets right now. Effectively alone in Virgo, opposite Luna and Uranus it is positioned to square Mercury and trine Mars and put the great Saturnine influence on this phase.

Considering the situation in Iran (experiencing a return), I definitely believe that Saturn is watching. Uranus is volatile in the sensitive, mutable, Piscean element encouraging a sense of revolution. In late September, when Uranus moves into strong opposition with Saturn, we might learn the result of this rebellious energy.


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