Cancer New Moon and Self-Deception

Yesterday’s new moon delivered terrible news to a friend of mine. Her house had been broken into, and it appears to have been an inside job. Very little was moved out of place. They seemed to know exactly where to look and what to look for.

While they have a sneaking suspicion that they know who might have done this to them, invasion of the intimacy of their home suddenly makes things that were once familiar seem alien and strange. Their home is suddenly an uncomfortable place.

The astrological sign of Cancer is very tied to the home. It is the sign of nurturing maternal comfort and love. To have this happen to her home during the darkness of the new moon in Cancer is a significant blow.

While there are many positive and nurturing aspects of this sign, one of the more negative traits is a tendency to be deceived by their own insecurity. A sort of “everyone is out to get me” type of deception. Because the sign is fiercely loyal, once Cancer feels it has been hurt it can become aggressively protective of itself. That strong shell can sometimes keep it from seeing the whole picture.

Cancer displays many of the characteristics associated with its ruler. The Moon Mother has many layers as caregiver and fertile life-force. She also has her shadow self: being overly-sensitive, fretful, even vengeful. In this state Cancer can work itself into a self-deceptive sense of entitlement, alienating those with whom it used to share a close bond. This self-victimization is difficult to overcome without taking a close look at what caused the hurt.

The New Moon brings out the shadow realm and with it the display of the shadowy aspects of Cancer. My poor friend is concerned that this robbery was a display of vengeance from a former friend. It will take time to determine if this is indeed the truth (or really it’s possible that she may never know for certain) but what is needed now is to meditate on the other characteristics of Cancer as Loving Mother to rekindle that sense of security at home.


2 Responses to “Cancer New Moon and Self-Deception”

  1. ananda Says:

    I think the crucial thing going on here is the new moon’s opposition to Pluto. With the sun and moon both in Cancer, as you’ve described so well, the fact that they were opposite Pluto really tells the story. Total awareness of the power of the darkness, of the underworld. Becoming aware of the ways in which our homes and families are not perfect sanctuaries as we sometimes prefer to imagine them.

    I had a similar experience a few years ago, fortunately nothing of value was taken, but it really did threaten my sense of security within my own home. It was right before I moved out, too. I never did feel safe in that place again. I hope your friend is able to regain her sense of security in her home. It sucks to be violated like that.

  2. Thanks for mentioning the Pluto opposition. What Pluto brings to the New Moon table is a strong urge to control the outcome of emotional impulses. tension, control, a desire to manipulate and create. I think the “hamburglers” (as I’m going to refer to them now, given that they were pretty ineffective in hiding who they were) felt like they were giving my friend a lesson. A punishment that suited their own need for money as well. Their act absolutely reeks of desperation, another element of a Pluto/Moon opposition.

    Thank you for your well-wishes, I bought my friend a cupcake, as that was the only help she would allow right now. Sometimes rebuilding comfort needs to start small.

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