A Mars Day

Yesterday I witnessed more than my normal share of accidents. As I was walking across an intersection I heard a very loud plastic popping sound and turned around to see that a Suburban and a sedan had had a minor collision. Since I wasn’t needed and didn’t actually see it occur I went on my way.

Later in the evening as I was coming home from a friend’s house, I saw a collection of several aid cars and fire trucks. A motorcycle and a sedan had a terrible collision and there were life-threatening injuries.

Earlier in the day I was feeling very driven by busy work and frustration. People were giving me a wide-berth, as the feeling was written all over my face. In short, it had all the symptoms of a Mars Day.

A day on Mars has an extra 39 minutes, but that’s not what I mean. When I’m talking about a Mars Day, I’m talking about a day influenced by the Warrior aspect of Mars. A day absolutely filled with drive, for better or for worse.

Accidents tend to happen on days heavily influenced by Mars. The reasoning could be that sometimes when we are so focused on what we are doing and we apply so much energy towards it we can lose track of the big picture and open ourselves up to accidents. For example, the motorcycle involved in the collision was traveling on a city street upwards of 90 mph. While obviously not the least bit wise, it showed the pure bullocks influence associated with Mars.

So thinking about the major aspects yesterday, Neptune square the Mars/Venus conjunction in Taurus, with Jupiter to expand the influence. Mars & Venus together are full of passion, and with Neptune in retrograde the passionate ideals and even illusions cooked up by this paring is expanded by the Greater Fortune. Jupiter in the role of the Wheel of Fortune favors Neptune’s influence, and the revelations born under these circumstances could have lasting effects, adding further knots in the thread of life.

Mars is not entirely docile in Taurus. This sign can exacerbate the stubborn characteristic of the planet. When I found myself neck-deep in work yesterday I played the martyr and wouldn’t allow anyone to help me. But I wasn’t going to let anyone forget that I was doing it all myself! (Showing a bit of my natal Mars in Virgo in the process)

My astro-guru once told me that the best way to deal with a Mars day is to simply pay attention to where you step. Physical movement is a key element of this planet and often the part that can get us into an accident. But you should never waste the prevailing motivation of a Mars Day! If you feel one coming on, just take care to think clearly and mind your extremities (and your speed!) and you’ll get a lot done.


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