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Historical Ephemeris

Posted in Jupiter, Recommended Reading on 07/29/2009 by ananda silvermoon

I stumbled upon this website, which is titled “The Historical Ephemeris”, a couple of nights ago while searching for some information about the upcoming (as in 2012) T-square of outer planets. The Ephemeris, compiled by this guy, Palden Jenkins, is a staggeringly complete timeline of written human history, along with (as the name suggests) a historical ephemeris detailing the movements, aspects, and cycles of the outer planets. It’s definitely worth a glance, but to take in all the information contained within it would take weeks if not months of study. I have spent a few hours perusing it, and the overview is pretty well-written, especially of the roles and cycles of the outer planets. Take a look at it and see what you think – I think it’s an enormously important work of dramatic importance, and should be required reading for everyone interested in history and/or astrology. Definitely worth a glance (or a few weeks of study), at least.

I just want to interject a little apology here for the lack of blog activity lately; my real-life responsibilities and activities have taken a front seat and the pseudonymous blogging has had to take a back seat for awhile. I’m surviving (and actually even thriving) this ponderous triple conjunction that is transiting my natal Mars again, as Jupiter moves over my Mars point sometime this coming month for the second of three passes. I have to say, it’s opening new doors of opportunity, as new relationships are developing (professional and personal) and giving me opportunities and chances that I have never had before.

I haven’t said anything about the recent Eclipse yet, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t observe it, and haven’t felt its resonances in my daily life. I spent the few hours that it was exact (not visible, sadly, from my part of the planet) breaking through the Chiron-Neptune clouds of uncertainty about my own health, and got tested (for the first time in my life) for HIV. Fortunately, Jupiter was there to smile on me and the test came back negative – giving me not only peace of mind, but also in a way a second birth.

And slightly unrelated to astrology, but on my mind nonetheless: Last night, I sat down and watched Gordon Brown’s TEDGlobal talk and I have to say that it moved me beyond words. I have watched almost every single talk on that site, and they are all awe-inspiring, inspirational, and amazing – but this one was singular. I think it may have inspired me to change (but not drastically) my career path – but in ways that won’t fully manifest for several years. I may have figured out what I have to offer the world, and how to make that huge difference that I have always felt was my responsibility. And the clarity that came with that revelation felt oddly familiar, like the other time, several years ago, when the stroke of insight first hit me and told me what path to follow. There is a world of difference to be made. How are you making it?


Check out that Aspect

Posted in Asteroids, Current Events, Mercury, Saturn on 07/10/2009 by nemain nyx

Media scrutinization of ridiculously unimportant incidents is nothing new, but perhaps this Obama photo is under a lot more thunder because of Mercury’s sixty-degree separation from Saturn? Mercury is in the sign of Cancer, the sign associated with the maternal instinct. Are we all a bit more sensitive and protective of his commitment to his wife right now? (Juno is in Aries btw, watch out!)

I just think the whole thing is hilarious.

Pallas Opposite Psyche

Posted in Aquarius, Asteroids, Leo on 07/10/2009 by nemain nyx

I haven’t gone much into the asteroids in the past, but Pallas in Leo (representative of problem-solving, clear-headedness, and strategy) opposite Psyche (representative of the inner sanctum, “fabric of life”, or soul) in Aquarius struck me as a very interesting aspect. Sort of a “pride in your plan” conflicting “spiritual inner being” sort of story.

Pallas in Leo is a powerful position for creativity and showmanship. Though there is still only a thin amount of information out there on the strictly astrological aspects of Psyche, there is a wealth of information on the psychological and mythological ideas of the psyche. It seems to me that Psyche would be right at home in the sign of Aquarius.

So an opposition, (or divisive, conflicting pull in two directions) between the creative, powerful, calculating self and your very essence certainly indicates a moment of creative inner disturbance and if it hits you just right, a powerful inner struggle or crisis. Whoa right?

But really, how strong of an effect do the asteroids have? A lot of modern astrologers seems to feel that Pallas has some effect. There isn’t much mention of Psyche (except when it has a strong natal aspect to Eros).

Asteroids don’t have exactly stable paths and are viewed as the astrological C-team when it comes to whether or not you should give more weight to this seemingly powerfully artistic and psychological opposite of Pallas in Leo vs. Psyche in Aquarius or Mercury in Cancer sextile Saturn. (Mercury regarded as being an extremely influential – or highly “felt” – planet given it’s position to the Sun).

I’m still learning about this, but like I said in the beginning, I find it incredibly interesting.

Another Mars Day

Posted in Mars on 07/01/2009 by ananda silvermoon

note: i am also having a pottymouth day. apologies in advance if that fucking bothers you.

godDAMNit I am having a Mars day today. part of it, i’m sure, is the fact that Mars is making squares at all the shit going on in Aquarius. As the astute reader may recall, that stuff is all up on (read: conjunct, within 4 degrees) of my natal Mars, and is being transited by the VeMa conjunction at 22-26 degrees Taurus. So, Mars is square my natal Mars. It’s actually exact today or early tomorrow. Hadn’t realized that until just a few minutes ago.

As would be expected for a Mars day, I can’t say it’s been an unproductive one. I got up early and managed to squeeze in a nice bike ride before starting work, and I managed to get a bunch of work done after that. I did have a minor emergency though. I was working alone in a room with some expensive equipment that sits on a special expensive equipment table, which evidently has a sharp edge to it that I did not notice until I reached my hand down to brush off something tickling my leg and came up with bright red fingertips. It took me almost half an hour to get the bleeding to stop, though even now, the injury is not only tiny and minor, but also does not and did not hurt a bit. But it bled like a motherfucker! Blood red, the color of Mars. Action and injury.

Of course this happened as I was wrapping up my time on said expensive equipment, and I had postponed my lunch so that I could keep working. Which meant that not only was I now bleeding, i was also lightheaded, very hungry, and a bit grouchy from low blood sugar. Awesome.

Happy motherfucking Mars day to me. Yeah.

OK, end rant. Hope your day is treating you better than mine.

Mercury Trine Natal Jupiter: Heavy Thoughts

Posted in Jupiter, Luna, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus on 07/01/2009 by nemain nyx

This afternoon I took a half-hour walk around downtown during my lunch and found myself deeply introspective. I think this is partially the result of 1. the Scorpio Moon and 2. a Mercurial transit of my natal Jupiter.

I pretty much came to the conclusion that I’m very very jaded. And under this transit I get to mull over these type of thoughts:

In the past I’ve been accused of being led around by my emotions. Most of these accusations occurred when I was a teenager falling for a immature boys. More recently I’m the skeptic, approaching personal and business relationships in a far too utilitarian manner. When did I wake up one day and become all Ayn Rand?

Selfishly, my emotional responses tend to get drawn out when I encounter a obstacle to something I desire in an impulsive, Neptunian way (truly bringing out my natal Moon/Neptune opposition). So what is the effect of this period of self-analysis?

Perhaps this is a little blood draw to give Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune something to diagnose with. As Ananda mentioned in her last post, this is a rare stellium. She also pointed out that it is hard to describe what this means. I think it will be different for everyone, and if you take a look at your natal transits to this stellium it will shed more light for individual circumstances.

Venus/Mars (effectively) square Chiron (and the stellium by proxy) today, which as far as my natal chart goes, means that this Ve/Ma conjunct is opposite my natal Uranus – Ok brief yet childish interlude here…I’m never going to get used to the sound of “Natal Uranus” – intensifying the overall awkwardness of the energy for me, personally.

I tend to associate Uranus with growing pains; tension in the form of a renovation or reshaping. I’m coming to terms with myself as a pragmatist, rather than the ethereal emotional being of my youth. All things considered this is a phase of life just like any other, but like Ananda said this is something resonant.