Another Mars Day

note: i am also having a pottymouth day. apologies in advance if that fucking bothers you.

godDAMNit I am having a Mars day today. part of it, i’m sure, is the fact that Mars is making squares at all the shit going on in Aquarius. As the astute reader may recall, that stuff is all up on (read: conjunct, within 4 degrees) of my natal Mars, and is being transited by the VeMa conjunction at 22-26 degrees Taurus. So, Mars is square my natal Mars. It’s actually exact today or early tomorrow. Hadn’t realized that until just a few minutes ago.

As would be expected for a Mars day, I can’t say it’s been an unproductive one. I got up early and managed to squeeze in a nice bike ride before starting work, and I managed to get a bunch of work done after that. I did have a minor emergency though. I was working alone in a room with some expensive equipment that sits on a special expensive equipment table, which evidently has a sharp edge to it that I did not notice until I reached my hand down to brush off something tickling my leg and came up with bright red fingertips. It took me almost half an hour to get the bleeding to stop, though even now, the injury is not only tiny and minor, but also does not and did not hurt a bit. But it bled like a motherfucker! Blood red, the color of Mars. Action and injury.

Of course this happened as I was wrapping up my time on said expensive equipment, and I had postponed my lunch so that I could keep working. Which meant that not only was I now bleeding, i was also lightheaded, very hungry, and a bit grouchy from low blood sugar. Awesome.

Happy motherfucking Mars day to me. Yeah.

OK, end rant. Hope your day is treating you better than mine.


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