Mercury Trine Natal Jupiter: Heavy Thoughts

This afternoon I took a half-hour walk around downtown during my lunch and found myself deeply introspective. I think this is partially the result of 1. the Scorpio Moon and 2. a Mercurial transit of my natal Jupiter.

I pretty much came to the conclusion that I’m very very jaded. And under this transit I get to mull over these type of thoughts:

In the past I’ve been accused of being led around by my emotions. Most of these accusations occurred when I was a teenager falling for a immature boys. More recently I’m the skeptic, approaching personal and business relationships in a far too utilitarian manner. When did I wake up one day and become all Ayn Rand?

Selfishly, my emotional responses tend to get drawn out when I encounter a obstacle to something I desire in an impulsive, Neptunian way (truly bringing out my natal Moon/Neptune opposition). So what is the effect of this period of self-analysis?

Perhaps this is a little blood draw to give Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune something to diagnose with. As Ananda mentioned in her last post, this is a rare stellium. She also pointed out that it is hard to describe what this means. I think it will be different for everyone, and if you take a look at your natal transits to this stellium it will shed more light for individual circumstances.

Venus/Mars (effectively) square Chiron (and the stellium by proxy) today, which as far as my natal chart goes, means that this Ve/Ma conjunct is opposite my natal Uranus – Ok brief yet childish interlude here…I’m never going to get used to the sound of “Natal Uranus” – intensifying the overall awkwardness of the energy for me, personally.

I tend to associate Uranus with growing pains; tension in the form of a renovation or reshaping. I’m coming to terms with myself as a pragmatist, rather than the ethereal emotional being of my youth. All things considered this is a phase of life just like any other, but like Ananda said this is something resonant.


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