Pallas Opposite Psyche

I haven’t gone much into the asteroids in the past, but Pallas in Leo (representative of problem-solving, clear-headedness, and strategy) opposite Psyche (representative of the inner sanctum, “fabric of life”, or soul) in Aquarius struck me as a very interesting aspect. Sort of a “pride in your plan” conflicting “spiritual inner being” sort of story.

Pallas in Leo is a powerful position for creativity and showmanship. Though there is still only a thin amount of information out there on the strictly astrological aspects of Psyche, there is a wealth of information on the psychological and mythological ideas of the psyche. It seems to me that Psyche would be right at home in the sign of Aquarius.

So an opposition, (or divisive, conflicting pull in two directions) between the creative, powerful, calculating self and your very essence certainly indicates a moment of creative inner disturbance and if it hits you just right, a powerful inner struggle or crisis. Whoa right?

But really, how strong of an effect do the asteroids have? A lot of modern astrologers seems to feel that Pallas has some effect. There isn’t much mention of Psyche (except when it has a strong natal aspect to Eros).

Asteroids don’t have exactly stable paths and are viewed as the astrological C-team when it comes to whether or not you should give more weight to this seemingly powerfully artistic and psychological opposite of Pallas in Leo vs. Psyche in Aquarius or Mercury in Cancer sextile Saturn. (Mercury regarded as being an extremely influential – or highly “felt” – planet given it’s position to the Sun).

I’m still learning about this, but like I said in the beginning, I find it incredibly interesting.


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