Historical Ephemeris

I stumbled upon this website, which is titled “The Historical Ephemeris”, a couple of nights ago while searching for some information about the upcoming (as in 2012) T-square of outer planets. The Ephemeris, compiled by this guy, Palden Jenkins, is a staggeringly complete timeline of written human history, along with (as the name suggests) a historical ephemeris detailing the movements, aspects, and cycles of the outer planets. It’s definitely worth a glance, but to take in all the information contained within it would take weeks if not months of study. I have spent a few hours perusing it, and the overview is pretty well-written, especially of the roles and cycles of the outer planets. Take a look at it and see what you think – I think it’s an enormously important work of dramatic importance, and should be required reading for everyone interested in history and/or astrology. Definitely worth a glance (or a few weeks of study), at least.

I just want to interject a little apology here for the lack of blog activity lately; my real-life responsibilities and activities have taken a front seat and the pseudonymous blogging has had to take a back seat for awhile. I’m surviving (and actually even thriving) this ponderous triple conjunction that is transiting my natal Mars again, as Jupiter moves over my Mars point sometime this coming month for the second of three passes. I have to say, it’s opening new doors of opportunity, as new relationships are developing (professional and personal) and giving me opportunities and chances that I have never had before.

I haven’t said anything about the recent Eclipse yet, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t observe it, and haven’t felt its resonances in my daily life. I spent the few hours that it was exact (not visible, sadly, from my part of the planet) breaking through the Chiron-Neptune clouds of uncertainty about my own health, and got tested (for the first time in my life) for HIV. Fortunately, Jupiter was there to smile on me and the test came back negative – giving me not only peace of mind, but also in a way a second birth.

And slightly unrelated to astrology, but on my mind nonetheless: Last night, I sat down and watched Gordon Brown’s TEDGlobal talk and I have to say that it moved me beyond words. I have watched almost every single talk on that site, and they are all awe-inspiring, inspirational, and amazing – but this one was singular. I think it may have inspired me to change (but not drastically) my career path – but in ways that won’t fully manifest for several years. I may have figured out what I have to offer the world, and how to make that huge difference that I have always felt was my responsibility. And the clarity that came with that revelation felt oddly familiar, like the other time, several years ago, when the stroke of insight first hit me and told me what path to follow. There is a world of difference to be made. How are you making it?


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