Lughnasadh and The Fixed Stars

I am celebrating Lughnasadh today because of the powerful lunation and penumbral eclipse and the overall transition I am experiencing, both seasonal and personal.

Last night I lit a candle to the Mother for the (very) tiny little life that might be growing inside but did not come to be. These things are harder on us than we realize. So this Lughnasadh has an especially significant tone for me. Some of my natal transits for this Full Wyrt Moon and eclipse:

Mars in Gemini trine Natal Saturn
Venus in Cancer trine Natal Mercury
Jupiter in Aquarius trine Natal Moon
Sun in Leo Sextile Natal Saturn
Sun in Leo Trine Natal Eris
Isis in Pisces Trine Natal Sun
Vesta in Cancer Trine Natal Sun
Terpsichore in Taurus Opposite Natal Sun

Terpsichore, an asteroid with a cycle duration of just under 5 years, is one that I don’t know much about outside of the associated significance that her namesake has to dance. However I do feel a bit hurt that the beneficial aspects between the Sun and Isis/Vesta were either too weak to compete with the current Saturnine aspects or their significance is to impart a change in my mindset. I don’t know. Maybe it’s this moon.

I have also been considering the fixed stars and their position in my birth chart:

Great Attractor Square Mars in Virgo
Galactic Center Sextile Jupiter in Libra
Great Attractor Trine Eris in Aries
Great Attractor Trine Logos in Leo
M87 Trine Hades in Gemini

Mars in Virgo is powerful in my chart. It gives me a guilt complex like no other, and I never realized how compounded it was by it’s position to the Great Attractor. In regards to the position of Eris and Logos to the GA I believe there is has a widening scope when it comes to the Eris effect (just awesome), whereas for Logos that aspect just seems to go hand in hand (not bad).

I love my Jupiter in Libra. I have a potent Pluto/Jupiter Conjunct that lends a favorable ability to adapt or see opportunities from sudden change, a sort of “let’s look at where we go from here” attitude. In Libra, this provides an expansive, emotionally intuitive radar. Supported by the Galactic Center, the sense of well-being that comes from finding your feet after a fall is then tied to the center of life itself, one of the pathways to wholeness.

So anyway, on and on. Any further thoughts on these transits are welcome. I don’t know quite how I’m to interpret them all, though I suppose you’re supposed to meditate on them for a while. I just saw a friend smiling brightly behind a large vase of sunflowers her fiance brought her. Enjoy a beautiful Lughnasadh everyone, the harvest season begins!


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