Moon Heavy

When Ananda and I started this blog we wanted a place to share our personal experience with Astrology. So I’ve been examining my birth chart a lot lately (hence the onslaught of natal this and that posts and tweets) armed with some new insight, it’s almost as good as therapy.

I have Luna on the Ascendant, which according to Sue Thompkins, magnifies the Moon’s power throughout the rest of the aspects. This explains a lot of struggle to retain a control over my emotions (Moon Opposite Neptune, Moon Trine Saturn).

What this also means for me is that lunar transits have a magnified effect as well. As we were moving through of the Moon/Mars quintile this morning, a typically harmonic aspect, it had a sharp and derisive message for me this morning. Couple that with the current Mars/Saturn square and the Mercury/Mars square, it has been a rough morning.

But what my cutsy little daily horoscopes for Scorpio, Cancer, and Gemini are telling me is to avoid making this into a mountainous issue, as this is a volatile energy, a gaseous fume that could ignite something much larger if no precaution is heeded. I’m sick to death of the message of temperance but here is is.

So when things happen to jerk my chain enough to set off the waterworks, my Luna Ascendant is there to say DON’T YOU DARE IGNORE ME. As much as I try to control or hinder my tears (in a sad attempt to salvage any respect as a woman in this office – Mad Men, I wish you were only a beacon of the past) they will always be a powerful force in my life.

The ability to be in touch with one’s emotions (and symbolic of Luna, one’s Anima) is a beautiful gift. I hate that I do try to fight it, but sometimes there is just no crying in baseball.


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