Grand Cross WTF?

So, if my reading of the astro-weather isn’t completely upside-down (or even if it is), there’s a huge elephant sitting in the middle of the room that none of the astrology bloggers I follow have even touched. Look at it! It’s a GRAND FUCKING CROSS! I mean, people are talking about T-squares, and oppositions, but no one has put two and two together and noticed that there is a planet at all 4 points of a square, within 4 or 5 degrees. WHICH IS CALLED A GRAND CROSS. (Is no one mentioning it because Pluto is out of sign so it doesn’t count? or is it just THAT SCARY?) I mentioned this to Nyx tonight and she agreed that “there’s definitely fucked in the air lately.”

I’m really not sure what else to say about it, except that I have felt like yelling all day. I managed to keep my temper under control with only one minor flip-out at work… but the urge to just go “AAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUGHHH!!” has not really gone away. Is it the critical degree thing? Lots of mutable energy, on the verge of bursting forth? I don’t know. I JUST FEEL LIKE YELLING ABOUT IT. AAAAAAH GRAND CROSS AAAAAAH. Totally sensible way of handling the energy, right? (Oh, and are we getting excited for Mercury Retrograde? It’s coming! WOOOOOOO!!)

Sorry for the silliness AND YELLING, it’s been a weird week or two!


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