Venus & Uranus & Saturn: Oh My

Ananda and I have been having a flurry of emails and chat about various transits that seem to be fluffling dowdy feathers. She’s having a lunar return in Scorpio and the intoxicating effects thereof, and I’ve been suffering the upheaval of Uranus.

Just when you think that you’re fine with everything as is, here come Uranus to tell you how it really is, or sometimes how it really should be. That’s all fine and good, but without direction from the other planets, it’s a revolution without a cause.

Right now those other planets (for me) are Saturn and Venus. With the Saturn/Uranus opposition still going strong, there’s a strong sense of purpose to these inner planet transits. Venus was trine my natal Uranus over the weekend, a time when I found myself processing a lot of the inner passions that I often ignore during the busy week. Questions like: what am I really looking for? What makes me happy? What makes me healthy? And the biggie for this masochistic Scorpio, is what makes me happy also healthy? With Saturn presiding over the whole affair with the opposition says: “judge your true need for upheaval right now, it could have life-changing effects.”

Big thoughts for an otherwise low-key weekend? Why the introspective element? The blessed moon in Scorpio. Thankfully, she’s a growing moon, a productive and fruitful moon. Give Scorpio a cause célèbre and just watch things get done. Scorpio will go as far as it takes to get what it desires. Just watch out for Saturn to weigh in with a reality check.

Outside of the my natal sphere and in the current weather, the Sun is moving into conjunct with Saturn. The orb and scope is wide with this transit. This is a tremendous combination of energy and things that will need to be nipped in the bud will be cleaned out some way or another. With the transition of the seasons (blah Labor Day), I’m finding myself on the verge of transition, an electric feeling.


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