Oh, Uranus…

I’ve been having an unstable few days (and i hardly think I’m the only one) – filled with the desire to do something impulsive, irresponsible, and utterly fun. While ago Nyx turned me on to the astrolabe natal applications page, and I’ve been following not only the astro-weather but also their interpretation of what’s going on relative to my natal chart. This is the first entry on the results page today:

Sun is Square your Uranus applying with an orb of 02 degrees 14 minutes.
Interruptions, last-minute changes in plans, surprises, and reversals may interfere with your normal routine now. You may feel restless or anxious, and could experience difficulties with authorities, rules or obligations. Conditions are unstable, so be flexible and make the most of whatever happens.

I am seriously considering doing something entirely unplanned (ok, since i’m considering it, it wouldn’t be *entirely* unplanned) and utterly irresponsible. It makes me giddy, just thinking about doing it. I might just have to.



One Response to “Oh, Uranus…”

  1. i like to check my natal transits first thing because i like to start with the innermost sphere and work my way out.

    have fun with uranus! (teeheehee) i think i’m over my superjacked uranus week. which is kind of sad actually, i like the surprises and the rebellious energy.

    today my natal energies have a few contradicting forces; probably the cause of the stagnation i feel.

    while things are generally smoothing out (jupiter trine natal saturn) and the outlook is not so vague, there are still some large emotional issues that i need to work out (saturn square natal neptune). today i have a lunar opposition (moon opp. natal moon), affecting my ability to process what i’m feeling and some obstacles to my ability to relate to others (mars trine natal mercury, venus square natal mercury, mecury square natal venus). this could lead to some difficult communication with my ladyfriends. yikes! i need my ladyfriends!

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