Moon Square Natal Pluto: It Feels Like Death

I’m in the process of trying to let something go. Something that was at once a source of happiness and poison. The first few days are the hardest, and I made the mistake of attempting to banish something from myself while the moon is waxing (to make it extra hard).

As susceptible to the blues as i am, this is a painful morning and a painful moon/natal Pluto square.

Astrolabe says this of the transit:

You need to release some internal pressures now, but that may be difficult. Your reactions to things may be somewhat compulsive now and a challenge to manage. Physical tensions, territorial displays, and indirect manipulations are possible now.

Pluto presides over thresholds, and just as the status of the celestial body itself is a gray area, when it squares the moon it casts a shadow over emotional clarity. You feel cut off from your own feelings. The positive aspect of this is that it allows for you to put up a certain armor if necessary, however it is difficult to take that armor off when you need to. More on Moon/Pluto transits.

I’m just in a sad place and it will take time to crawl out of it and get back on my feet. This is all happening under a Sun/Saturn applying conjunct so I’m confident that the necessary changes will allow for better growth in the end. Just like cutting of the head of a basil plant to encourage more leaves. There’s a fruitful benefit, but you will miss the flower.


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