Black Rock City 2009

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This photo by Eric Francis just really resonated with me as soon as I saw it. The moon was extremely dramatic, especially at rise and set – and some of the only photos I took all week were this same moon. His reflections on the Pisces full moon at Black Rock City also resonate – there was a dramatic energy in the city, but it was empathic and celebratory, not violent or detached. I and many others I spoke with felt a profound connection that night – a sense of oneness with the universe rarely felt in the default world. Friday night I experienced a profound spiritual awakening that I cannot quite put words to yet, though I’m sure that will happen soon, as – hey, look! – mercury is retrograde, which means my verbal mind can process and produce. The night ended with a dawn bike ride out to the edge of civilization – the corner at 2:00 and L – and beyond, rushing to greet the rising sun and exalting the setting moon over the city. I stood facing north, my right hand outstretched to the rising Sun, my left to the setting Full Moon, and I felt the entire solar system stretch out in front of me, behind me, surrounding me… as the first rays from the morning sun appeared in reds and oranges to crack the dawn wide open, to announce the return of the Day, the moon lit up in all colors shining back the brilliance of the dawning sun, I felt within me the wordless calm that comes with sensing the universe, feeling the oneness of it all!

I’m already missing the Playa and plotting my return in 2010. Adjusting to the default reality is both difficult and reassuring; I have to say, I love running water and hot showers, trash collection is pretty nice, and refrigeration is pretty swell too. That said, there are no giant flaming neurons here, nor are there art cars with giant sound systems providing danceable beats everywhere they go. And I can’t go watch Venus rise from the third floor of the Temple.

Since returning home, I’ve been trying to regain the sense of everything-is-holy that pervades life in Black Rock City. Since life is so tenuous there, even the smallest, most mundane action or object becomes profound and sacrosanct. It’s an odd feeling, and trying to bring it back to the lush valley I call home, where life pervades everything and is anything but scarce, is a bit of a challenge. But right now Neptune is all up within a degree of my natal Mars, and my action and intention are made fuzzy and spiritual, rather than directed and concrete. Astrolabe tells me to “Take a break, meditate, and then finish things.” I’m working on grounding and focusing my energy, which I learned how to do in a hurry on the playa, but it’s much more difficult here with many more distractions and accumulations. It’s easier to feel connected to the earth when you step outside of your tent and contact bare ground. It’s less easy when your immediate environment has two internet-capable macs, an iphone, piles of dirty and clean laundry, and piles of accumulated crap that must be dealt with. I’m trying to cut down on my crap, be all zen about it, it’s difficult, since every thing has associations and memories and getting rid of the thing seems like cutting my only tie to the person or place it’s associated with. But now I’m just blathering and procrastinating, not sharing my Burning Man experience, so I’m gonna publish this as it is and come back later. I’ll talk a bit more about Friday night on the playa and the interesting astrology going on… after I meditate and take a break for awhile.



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