Feel the Buzz?

yep, mercury is definitely retrograde (you can tell because there are two ananda posts in a row here). bzzzzzz. mercury rules all things communication, and the verbal mind. for me, this time, though, it’s also affecting my nonverbal mind. my creative energy is at a high i haven’t experienced since the eclipse. i’m still not terribly productive, mind you, but i am able to produce things at a slightly faster rate than my normal (taurean-rising) tempo.

at the solar eclipse in July, I (moved by forces beyond my understanding) painted an enormous canvas, 6 by 6 feet, in a giant depiction of an eclipse, a developing embryo, sun spots, the nine planets, and the oceans. it took me about 18 hours, and i didn’t sleep much while I was working on it. I’ve never had a great sense of completion with it, even though i stopped working on it as soon as the eclipse energy dissipated, and i’m really not sure I like it much at all. But it’s hanging on my wall, taking up thirty-six square feet of space, reminding me of the vast creative energy that I tapped into that night. now with Mercury in full retrograde swing, the creative feeling is intensified, especially just coming off of that transformative week on the Playa. I’m sketching ideas for a painting. I’m also writing a lot of non-astrology stuff, for my “other” life, which is consuming a lot of mental energy. Fortunately, with Mercury in retrograde, mental energy is something I have plenty of!

On the other hand, the mouse on my other computer stopped working, and a crucial plastic tab on the mount for my bike computer broke off. I’m not immune to Mercury Rx stuff, I just thrive on the chaos.


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