Non-concentric Circles

It is extremely hard not to fixate on this Mercury Retrograde phase, but it is so close to the bone that it’s a greasy lens that I’m unable to see through.

At lunch I had to chance to sit with a friend and diagnose my current personal dilemmas. It’s fun to sit with a Gemini on this because the conversation flows so well (despite Mercury), and they understand the healing power of talking it out (they even seem to enjoy it!)

Scorpios don’t like to have the nature of their business revealed. Sometimes, however, it needs to be done for therapeutic purposes. On the surface, everyday life seems to operate wholly outside of my spiritual life. I tend to cringe at the use of that phrase “spiritual life” as it sounds very campy to me for indeterminate reasons.

I tend to enjoy the cloak of ambiguity, and I get a lot of people who tell me that my presentation is one thing but then I seem to be another. People tend to get unconsciously upset when they cannot classify someone. Sometimes I get those who appreciate the surprise, but most often I don’t.

In defense I tend to operate in a series of non-concentric circles. Life at work, life as a girlfriend, life as a best friend, life as a belly dancer, life as an astrologer, and lives deeper still. These things should mix a bit into something called…I don’t know…LIFE, shouldn’t they? But where life is a solution, my is a suspension.

The alchemical trait of Scorpio is filtration. The process of removing that which does not dissolve by means of straining. Otherwise you get a bunch of solids just floating around to either settle or remain suspended. That’s sort of how I feel just now. It’s what I’ve built up for myself and it’s how I like it. During Mercury Retrograde I tend to find myself unable to move as smoothly between my circles, and they begin to move together…to blend where I don’t want them to.

It’s then that my cloak of ambiguity starts to come off. I don’t really want everyone to see just how complex my constellation of circles really is. Some get miffed that they thought they knew everything about me and feel slighted. Others think that secrets make someone unstable and therefore untrustworthy. Finally there are those who demand that I choose between them.

I don’t really want to get into the debate as to what is really good or normal here. Though I admit I prefaced that with the “life as a whole” comment. But it’s something that tends to happen to me during a mercurial retrograde phase and it’s both interesting and obnoxious. Mercury, stop holding up my skirts.


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