I’m thrown by the news I heard this morning of a census worker who was found hung in a remote area of Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky with the letters “F-E-D” scrawled on him.

I ran a chart for the incident, though I have little to go on. This is an ongoing investigation as to whether or not there was foul play involved.

September 12 2009
12:00 PM Time Zone is EDT
Winchester, KY

Rising Sign is in 16 Degrees Scorpio
Sun is in 20 Degrees Virgo
Moon is in 27 Degrees Gemini (est. noon)
Mercury is in 04 Degrees Libra
Venus is in 20 Degrees Leo
Mars is in 11 Degrees Cancer
Jupiter is in 18 Degrees Aquarius
Saturn is in 24 Degrees Virgo
Uranus is in 24 Degrees Pisces
Neptune is in 24 Degrees Aquarius
Pluto is in 00 Degrees Capricorn

Saturn in exact opposition with Uranus (cultural shifts, clash of ideals) with a Sun/Saturn conjunct (control, hindrance); an applying Moon/Mars conjunct – an estimate – (emotionally charged energy in Cancer and Gemini). Gemini, which could indicate the need to communicate the emotion, for example the letters written on the body…and Cancer is quite powerful when provoked to protect themselves and those they love. The conjunct between Neptune and Jupiter brings this to national attention (Jupiter) via the Internet and tv (Neptune).

I don’t have the exact placement of the moon (though the moon’s orb is large enough to still have an effect in this…), but there is a trine with Neptune (emotions motivated by ideals, facade, fantasy); Moon applying sextile to Venus in Leo (emotional satisfaction through pride or justice); Mercury in Libra semi-square Venus (the communication of pride or justice is strained or possibly unfulfillable); Mars binovile Mercury in Libra (spiritually motivated) and a loose Mars/Uranus trine.

Until it can be determined that this is an act of foul play, I will try to refrain from speculating further about the motivation. But with everything going on this this wild nation right now, the fear is that this is an omen of deadly uncertain times ahead of us. We shall wait and see what “FED” is to mean, and whether or not this was an act of suicide or a political murder. Very sad for the poor family of the man who died.

Updated to include Media Reaction:
Census Worker Hanged (AP)
Huffington Post
Regarding the Lynched Census Worker (SLOG)
Washington Post
Faux News

UPDATE: 10/1/09

According to this article the date of death was believed to be the 10th of September. I ran my chart for the 12th which was the date that the body was discovered.


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