Conception Chart

I’ve been thinking about the idea behind a Conception Chart or Prenatal Epoch Chart, and I found this post on Astrogeographia and found it interesting. They describe this chart as a chart of the life force itself and is the “picture of the structure of the etheric body”.

The best estimate of my own prenatal epoch would put the sun in the sign of Aquarius with both Venus and Mars in Pisces. In my natal chart, Venus and Mars are both in earth signs, however I retained the strong influence of Air (epoch Aquarius) in my natal rising and moon sign of Gemini.

Interesting business. It’s mostly guesswork but I think there’s a pattern to learn from.


2 Responses to “Conception Chart”

  1. ananda silvermoon Says:

    Interesting concept, but browsing the rest of his website left a distinctly “meh” flavor in my mouth. For one thing, hermetic astrologers follow the sidereal zodiac, which just doesn’t fit for me. And they offer too much bible-based “proof” to convince me of anything.

    Not saying that a conception chart wouldn’t be informative or important. It obviously would be. Mine has a lot more fire (sun in Aries, moon in Leo?) and *six* planets retrograde. Yowza!

  2. i didn’t go through the rest of their website. i think conception and whatever your idea of it is very personal. if they have biblical reasoning then that’s their bag but i don’t really subscribe to that methodology. i do think that there is something to the self that was formed in cohesion with the mother (i’m of the philosophy that there is a physical fusion of mother and child in utero) that should at least be taken into account. but again, extremely personal and subjective.

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