Sun in Scorpio

Welcome to the sun in Scorpio! the fall is upon us, we have already felt this. but this morning, the sun slipped from Libra into Scorpio and the darker, moodier, more perceptive energy is already upon us. I know I can feel it.

Happy Scorpio! Use this time to plumb the depths of your subconscious, of your unconscious, of the collective unconscious and collective mind. Use this time to make sure your home and hearth are in order for the coming winter. Scorpio is the sign of “I want” or “I need” (as opposed to Taurus which is the sign of “I have”) and we can use this time to set our sights on what we need to survive the upcoming winter.

For all those with Saturn in Libra, starting to feel their Saturn returns; congratulations and welcome to your Saturn return sign. My Saturn is in Scorpio, but only barely; I think this means my Saturn return will sneak up and bite me in the ass, whereas if it were late Libra I would now have the next two and a half years to prepare.

Halloween is almost here! enjoy the thinning of the veil and use this opportunity to communicate with the world beyond.


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