About the Authors

Ananda Silvermoon is a hard-nosed Capricorn with a heavy dose of Scorpio observational skills and Aquarian intellect, masked by placid Taurus rising. She has no formal training in astrology, but has been reading voraciously on the subject, spurred on no doubt by Neptune’s transit to her natal Mars over the past year. Things she is most interested in include inner planet retrograde periods, the influence of outer planet cycles on history – especially Uranus and Neptune – and debunking the skeptical (and almost always ignorant) attacks on astrology as a discipline.

Nemain Nyx is a devious Scorpio with a double dose of Gemini to help her charm her way out of trouble. She was raised to appreciate astrology but didn’t begin to dig deeply until she left home. Nyx is interested in natal astrology, interpersonal relationships, and the quirks of the zodiac. Her passion is ancient religion, dance, and the study of spirituality throughout human history. She believes in working towards a greater understanding of our connection to not only the earth below but the skies above.

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